Goblin Mindset: People always prefer the path of least resistance

Laziness is a pretty common theme in humans, at least as far as it manifests as maximizing your rewards and minimizing your effort. People are great at looking for and finding the path of least resistance, and this is at the core of a lot of goldmaking methods. 

Create value by simplifying someones route to their goals

If you van help someone get closer to their goals without having to spend much effort on it you can most likely charge for that. This is also the main way you make gold with crafting professions. You create useful items that they cant otherwise get. Gathering professions work exactly the same way, but of course you generate materials rather than finished goods. 

Find something others hate but you really like

If there’s something you greatly enjoy that you can do to get other players closer to their goals, then that is a great opportunity for goldmaking. This can be items gathered, items crafted, items farmed or even services like lockpicking, summons or boosts. 

If you enjoy it, you will have an insurmountable competitive advantage. Players who only do it for gold can quit if they find something more enjoyable or reach their goal. As long as you enjoy it, you can just keep going for ever. This makes you unbeatable, at least in markets that don’t require a gold outlay. 

The more annoying it is to do, the more they’ll pay

Imagine if you wanted to get the Vial of the Sands mount. You could get it yourself by farming archeology a lot, leveling alchemy and collecting all the materials. This would take a lot of time and effort. Or you could just buy it for whatever it sells for these days. Then you could get that gold from any source you use to generate gold. Obviously the work required here would be very high as farming the recipe can take a huge amount of time. 

Since you can generate gold any way you want, you will often prefer using gold to buy stuff you need, rather than working to get it yourself. 

Use it to your advantage

Find things you like that other players don’t. Find ways to do it for them, whether it is farming rare recipes, carrying them in arena or just making sure the items they need are always for sale. 

The more annoying it is to do it by yourself, the more profitable it will typically be, so look for those kinds of items or services to maximize your gold!

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