BfA Goldmaking: Making gold with boosting

I have never really covered the goldmaking methods that do not rely on selling specific items, but they do exist. Any service you can provide to other players will be valuable. In BfA this is especially true for anything related to boosting for fast levels or high level gear. 

A quick overview of boost types

Typically there are two major types of boosting, either for experience or for items. Boosting for items is generally significantly harder, particularly when it comes to items from high level PvP and PvE. To get into mythic raid boosting for instance you obviously need to have a mythic ready raiding guild or at least contacts in these guilds and the skill to get invited. 
Experience boosting can be much easier, but it often requires significant setup in the form of a twink character. 

Current major BfA boosts

The main types of boosts being sold in BfA right now are: 

  1. Eternal Palace Heroic
  2. Freehold power leveling
  3. Mythic+ key stones
  4. PvP rating
  5. Operation Mechagon

Any difficult in game activity with useful rewards can be boosted for a fee, but these are the main ones selling right now. 

Of these all but Freehold power leveling requires a geared level 120 character as well as significant player skill to get into. If you are a high-end PvEr or raider you can try getting into this by contacting some of the larger communities. The biggest one I’m aware of that only sells boosts for gold is Gallywix which includes raiders from several top guilds. They even have a discord server where they take applications, so feel free to check it out!

Is boosting right for you?

Typically you need to be pretty good at whatever activity you want to boost people through. Some boosts are easier than others though, with stuff like 101 boosting in Legion and 111 boosting through island expeditions primarily relying on the setup being expensive with specific gear required. 

If you want to sell arena boosts or mythic raids however you need to be good. 

Twink boosting

I felt like I needed to make a separate paragraph for this. I geared a 101 twink back in Legion and it was quite fun. If you’re bored with the current state of BfA rolling a 110 twink tank to do some freehold boosting on the side can be both fun and profitable. is the premiere site for all things twinking so check out the 110-119 section to figure out how to gear your character. You can sell this on your own in trade chat or through a community to get clients faster, but either way you can probably make a decent amount of gold!

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3 thoughts on “BfA Goldmaking: Making gold with boosting

  1. i got a main charachter at silvermoon whit a item level of 472 i can carry someone in the freehold dungeon but how can i find folks or how can i deside the price that is do-able for the folks?

    1. Trade chat is your best bet for buyers. For pricing, you can just check what someone else selling carries is charging

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