Goblin Mindset: Adapting quickly beats predicting

I have always found that being able to quickly adapt to changes to the markets works better than trying to predict changes before they happen. 

Prediction is ridiculously hard

Some predictions are actually fairly easy to make. I have made some bets that paid off, even if slowly. There are two major issues with trying to prepare for some new change to the game. You don’t know what other players will be doing to prepare, and you don’t know what OTHER changes are coming. 

Put together this means you can have the perfect analysis based on the known information, but still end up losing half your investment as the price crashes. 

New methods are often insanely profitable

When something that starts a gold rush is added to the game the players who go hard the first day(s) are usually the ones that make the most gold from it. Being able to pick up something and go to town can make you a millionaire in a day. Fel spreader toys in Legion or the jelly for the bee mount in BfA are two recent examples. Be on the lookout for any overlooked niche or just any method that is fresh and get on it right away. 

Being able to cobble together some quick TSM settings to take advantage will of course be a huge boon here. 

Long term markets will also die

Most markets will eventually die, so be ready to move on when needed. Don’t ever get too set in your ways as you will get stuck when Blizzard pulls the rug. Start testing things now so you are ready to find something new when necessary!

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