BfA Goldmaking: Spreadsheet updated for 8.3 and thoughts on 8.3 recipes

I just finished updating my BfA crafting spreadsheet for 8.3. The spreadsheet is an out of game resource to quickly get an idea of which items you can craft for a profit and it has been something I’ve provided since Legion. 

Why use a spreadsheet?

I made the spreadsheet for myself back in Legion to quickly get a view of prospecting profitability. I really like the ability to quickly compare recipes I don’t have and recipes across different professions. It’s functionally the same as the TSM profit calculations, but you get all professions easily available, which I find to be an advantage. 

The new recipes

Overall we are getting very little this patch, significantly less than what we got in 8.1 and 8.2. This time we only get the new uncanny combatant gear, two new contracts for inscription and a Vantus rune for the new raid. According to the current PTR build there are no new consumables, no new enchants and no new utility items, 

Overall this is a little disappointing and professions seem if possible even blander than they have been in BfA. On the BoP side we do get some very strong pieces however, but this does not give us something to craft for a profit. 

Uncanny combatant gear review

The new Uncanny Combatant’s gear is item level 400 and will likely fill a nice little gearing niche for fresh characters. As of writing this the wowhead database doesn’t have the correct source for the recipes, but I’m assuming it’s the same as earlier BfA patches where the base version is obtained from trainers and you get rank 2 and 3 from the PvP vendor in return for marks of honor. 

There is one very significant change this time around, and that is a significant increase across the board in the amount of expulsom needed. For rank 1 you are looking at 4 to 7 expulsom per piece. On average the increase is about 2 expulsom, which is huge. This is about a 60% increase in expulsom needed. This will both massively slow down your crafting and significantly increase demand for Tidespray Linen. 

Getting rank 3 recipes will be even better this time around as the sheer number of expulsom will definitely be a limiting factor unless you have multiple accounts with level 110 characters. 

Other things?

The only other tradeable recipes outside of Uncanny Combatant gear is the new contracts and the new vantus rune. I’m sure these will sell for a profit, but I expect that they will have a thin margin, particularly the contracts as the price is just too low to really deter massive price competition. 

Get the spreadsheet

As always you can find the spreadsheet on this page on my blog. Keep in mind that the excel-version only works on Microsoft Excel, and that you will have to re-authorize the script for the google sheet if you use google sheets. 

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3 thoughts on “BfA Goldmaking: Spreadsheet updated for 8.3 and thoughts on 8.3 recipes

  1. Your site and your tutorials is so helpguly. Can you write some help for the new 8.3 ah?! Like posting, pricing… ect ect… method.

  2. So far from what I’ve seen, the normal pvp vendor that sells ranks 2 and 3 does not sell those ranks for the uncanny gear. How long does it take the combatant gear to start taking off? I’ve had pieces on the AH since tuesday and not a single piece of it has sold. I

    1. The person right next to that vendor sells them on horde side. If you’re on alliance, just talk to some people in the area. You’ll find them.

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