BfA Goldmaking: The Veiled Crystal Leatherworking shuffle

The typical enchanting shuffle in BfA has been well known for quite a well. You craft either leatherworking or tailoring bracers, disenchant the rare procs and you can either disenchant the uncommons or scrap them for expulsom. Personally I prefer to scrap the greens for explusom and use that to craft Combatant gear, and I expect this will be the best use for expulsom in 8.3 as well, but if you have leatherworking and enchanting, you have a pretty good alternative. 

The Super Shuffle

Samadan Coined the name “super shuffle” for his enchanting shuffle. The idea is to first craft the basic uncommon bracers. you can do tailoring or leatherworking in this step. You will most likely be most profitable if you craft the Tidespray bracers as they are typically cheaper. After crafting them you disenchant the blues, which will give you 1,5 each of Umbra Shards and Gloom Dust as well as 0,275 Veiled crystals per disenchant (assuming you have the tool of the trade, which you really need for this). 

Then you craft the Honorable Combatant rank 3 bracers. Most likely it will be the leather armguards that are cheapest as Tempest hide is very cheap. 

Is it profitable?

There’s no easy rule to check if it’s profitable, luckily Samadan has already made a spreadsheet that covers the entire shuffle, so I don’t have to do so. You can check it out here.  

You do have to manually input the material prices on your realm, but that should be pretty simple. It will tell you which bracers are best and if any of the steps are not profitable. My personal opinion is that you will most likely be able to generate a higher return using expulsom for other crafts. The spreadsheet sort of assumes that you have to scrap the uncommon bracers and that it’s just a sunk cost. You could of course just disenchant all the greens as well and up with a ton more gloom dust, so the opportunity cost should be considered. 

The advantage

This shuffle does have some advantages though. It can be done at much lower volume than you need to do to really get into Combatant gear crafting. For combatant gear you will need hundreds of expulsom, which is a HUGE amount of gold in Tidespray Linen. This shuffle can be done in smaller batches, and you will usually turn a profit just from disenchanting the rare procs as the umbra shards are quite valuable. 

Time consuming

I find the bracer shuffle very time consuming. As such I have personally only bothered with it for expulsom. Personally I haven’t even bothered disenchanting the rares, I just feed them all to the scrapper, even if I could potentially have made more gold that way. The time spent is not worth it though as I could usually barely craft the expulsom I needed as it is. 

Get to work

If you have been doing some shuffling already it’s a great idea to check out the extended version. With 8.3 rapidly approaching we can expect the enchanting market to pick up some steam, at least in terms of volume. This should bring the shuffle right back into the fore. I used the basic enchanting shuffle very successfully in my 30 days to a token challenge, and I heartily recommend it to fledgling goldmakers. 

2 thoughts on “BfA Goldmaking: The Veiled Crystal Leatherworking shuffle

  1. An extension of this I found is etched vessels. In particular, the honorable combatants version does not require expulsom, I believe it is the ONLY epic craft that does not. TSM will lie as say it breaks down as a blue but you get the same guaranteed crystal you get from any other purple. I like to combine this with the Sinister combatants one as that one does not require crimson ink. It does require a lot of time making inks though.

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