How rich are classic players really?

Today I thought I’d take a little look at the level of riches and AH value in classic so you can get an idea of if you’re doing well or not. Overall there are quite few players focusing on the AH for goldmaking, so there is a ton of opportunity. 

How much gold does players typically have?

Typically the gold players have on them ranges from 100 to 1000 gold. Of course the reddit comments are slightly skewed towards richer and more hardcore players. It’s more fun to brag, and more players on reddit are above average in terms of interest.

The largest number of players seem to be from 500 gold and down, but a lot of players have also stockpiled materials to some degree. 

How much do the richest players have?

The top players I’ve seen have passed the 20 000 gold mark. Frostadamus has done this, as have some other players. Mostly these people have relied on farming Dire Maul East to a significant degree. Warlocks, Mages and hunters are the best solo farm classes and typically represent the richest players, although as we all know every class has it’s niches and thus potential riches. 

How rich am I?

My liquid gold is not to impressive, typically hovering in the same range as average redditors. I do have a lot of AH value though. I am currently in the top 5 of sellers on the auction house on Firemaw, one of the highest population EU realms. This is mostly entirely through alchemy. My auctions have a value of about 2.5k, which is a lot lower than I would have imagined is necessary to break top 5. 

How are you doing?

Are you rich or just scraping by?

If you have 1.5-2000 gold value between your auctions and liquid you are currently doing quite well. Try to avoid investing in expensive gear and keep investing in profitable items for the AH so you can grow your capital. And don’t be afraid to do some farming to supplement your gold!

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8 thoughts on “How rich are classic players really?

  1. Do you mind elaborating a bit on what alchemy crafts you’re selling in such a large volume? Maybe my server (Grobbulus) just moves a bit slower than yours, but I can’t imagine moving 2.5k in alchemy crafts in any reasonable timeframe. I have just about every relevant recipe, and on a good day, I move 250g worth, for a profit of about 50g.

    1. Same boat, a lot of these guides talk about moving these massive quantity of items, sometimes it can take me a week to move 5 stacks of a raid consumable selling at 95% market value

      1. I am on a very high population realm in classic which will make my sales even stronger as there are much fewer materials to go around. The right raid consumables have generally sold quite quickly for me selling 20-40 a day for stuff like Greater Arcane Protection, Greater Fire Protection, Elixir of Giants and Fire protection potions is quite normal. The utility potions also typically sell very well, invis pots in particular.

    2. 2,5k is roughly my weekly sales numbers. Lately it’s gone up. I craft and post up to 70 of each of 9 potions and 7 elixirs. Greater fir prot, greater arcane prot, free action, lesser invis, invis and elixirs of the mongoose are probably my top sellers.

      1. Gotcha. I think my server is probably a good bit smaller than yours then, or less heavy on raid consumables. I don’t think there are typically enough herbs on the AH to make that many potions, never mind profitably.

        1. I’m on the highest population realm in EU. On classic the amount of materials could be higher on smaller realms, as there are less players to use consumables with the same number of herb spawns.

  2. I made around 6k gold last 7weeks. Spent around 2k on fooling around respecing from pvp to pve every reset…. My avg. daily play time including raids is around 5-6 hrs. So maybe effectively was farming around 2 hrs a day on avg. base.
    On start of this farm run i dumped alchemy because its a waste. There is always someone in guild who can craft. So with mining and herbing doing probably most interesting and most valuable farm since i play wow classic.

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