Classic goldmaking: BoE Flipping revisited

I wrote an introduction to classic BoE flipping in October of last year. Since then I have tried my hand at the market quite successfully, so let’s look at the items I’ve had success with and what my recommendations for the market is

What I’ve done and not done

It’s pretty important to note that the group I use does not include all the useful BoEs you can get in the game. There’s a very large number of twink items in particular that are missing, some of which are definitely great candidates for the group. 

In addition to this of course my direct experience will be limited by the items I can actually find below my maximum price, which is not all of them. 

My results

As you can see from the resale summary below I have generated about 495 gold in profit from BoE flipping. The largest part by far came from the Hammer of the Northern Wind which I bought in phase 2, and sold very recently. For that specific item it is caused by the fact that it is very useful for Viscidus in AQ. Outside of that I have flipped some t1 BoEs, some Blues of varying quality as well as some world drop epics. I have done a small amount of sanity checking when looking at the items, but overall I have not really shied away from any items. 

Some of these items probably ended up costing me gold after taking expirations into account, but overall the market looks good to me. 

Leveling and max level gear has been strongest

Based on the list of items I’ve sold it seems like a combination of leveling gear and max level gear has brought in the gold for me. 

People twinking out for leveling faster may be a much larger group than I initially thought. That would certainly explain how well I did with the elemental Mage staves at least. 

Potential in greens

One of the most profitable flips you could have done in the game would have been to get “Of Nature Resistance” greens when I wrote my original post. These items have insane prices right now, but I don’t expect it to hold. Once Huhuran goes on farm players will not be willing to spend hundreds of gold on NR pieces. 

Is twink gear worth it?

I haven’t bothered going into detail on what twink BoEs exist, so I don’t actually know if there are any particularly good twink items. Overall it feels like twinking is not too popular, but I’m sure there are people and communities dedicated to it. I’ll have to take a look and see if there are any obvious candidates that stand out. 

TSM settings and approach

My TSM settings and my approach remains unchaged. I still look for large amounts of value for BoEs to ensure I get a decent return. Long term most of these items should actually trend down in price as the amount of gear options from other sources increases. With the prevalence of boosting rich players will most likely prioritize boosts over BoEs to speed up leveling. 

BoE flipping remains a side show in classic, but it can bring in some nice sales and decent extra profit, particularly if you can find any items that are usually not on the AH. 

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2 thoughts on “Classic goldmaking: BoE Flipping revisited

  1. Twink gear has given me huge profits although the ones too avoid are ironically shadow fang and assassin’s blade.

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