Classic goldmaking: Darkmoon Faire Turn-ins

The Darkmoon faire has been live for a while and with it a bunch of turn-in quests for tickets. Caster DPS will want to get the neck from the faire if it is active as it is the best non-raid neck they can get. This means all the items needed for the turn-ins will be potential money makers. 

What can you turn in?

There are two types of items you can turn in, profession items and item drops from mobs. The item drops from mobs are items with few other uses, as are the crafts, but both sources can be needed. When I got the neck for my warlock on the last day of the last faire the AH was literally empty of these materials. i spent a lot of gold getting it, including buying some of the materials above market value, but in the end it was worth it to me. 

How do the turn-ins work?

There are tiers to the turn in quests. As your reputation increases you can only do the high tier ones. Generally most players will just go all the way with the highest tier quest as this is the easiest way to do it, but some players will want to add the cheaper lower tier ones. In this post we will just look at the max tier ones, as you will have to turn in some of these to get the necklace. 

Item drop turn-ins

The item drop turn-ins that are relevant at all the way are Evil bat Eyes that drop from high level bats and Glowing Scorpid blood from high level scorpids. Both are annoying to farm and there is generally not much up on the AH. As such these are not usually bought much either, so you are better off with the profession items. 

Profession turn-ins

The three max level crafts you want are Rugged Armor Kits, Thorium Widgets and Dense Grinding Stones. So you can do this if you are a leatherworker, engineer or blacksmith. Overall the widgets seem most popular, as you only need to turn in 6 per turn in and Thorium is plentiful, but I used all three items to get my neck in time. 

All three recipes are trained from your vendor so getting going is easy, just get the recipes and start crafting. 

Selling on the AH versus selling in trade

If you have a decent amount of gold you can go all in and craft enough items for a full necklace in one go. You need 360 widgets or 480 of the two other items to get the 1200 tickets for a neck. Selling the full package in trade might get you a better deal, it will certainly let you move more volume at least. 

TSM settings

I only made settings for the profession items. You only want to post these during the Darkmoon Faire for the most part. Volume should be low outside the faire so stick to faire weeks. Obviously we will post in the stack size needed for the turn-ins, so 8 for the armor kits and grinding stones and 6 for the widgets. You should experiment with the quantity as you figure out how many sales you can get on your realms. 

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