Classic goldmaking: Diving into Alchemy

Today we will look at how you can begin making gold with alchemy, even at a lower skill level. I recently leveld it to 180, and there are quite a few recipes that look like they have some very nice potential for goldmaking. 

Alchemy basics

Alchemy is a crafting profession focused entirely on consumable items. This is fantastic for gold making as players will need to buy the item again once they’ve drank it! This means that they will continuously need new potions if they want to use them. I always favor volume markets and alchemy certainly fits the bill!

A look at lower level recipes

In this instance “lower” level means about skill level 150. Around here you will start unlocking some recipes that are relevant for higher level players. This includes Free Action Potions, Lesser invisibility potions, Great Rage Potion and Fire Protection Potions. There are of course other recipes as well, and I strongly suggest looking through your profession window as well as the list of recipes in the alchemy guide on wowhead. You should also check any consumable sections on raiding guides to get a good idea of what players want or need. 


As you can see from the screenshot I can craft Lesser invisibility potions, Free action potions and great rage potions profitably. The Free Action Potion is not too profitable though, but the price for blackmouth oil is very high now, and oily blackmouths are still cheap, so that is really an artifact. My actual profit margin is about 40 silver more than what is shown. 

Overall it looks really good. 

Maximizing the value of your auctions

I have been using a set of operations to profitably sell consumables in BfA and Legion that I will be applying to alchemy in Classic. The idea is to post in a lot of different stack sizes, and avoid trying to be the absolute cheapest. As long as some of my stacks are cheapest for their stack size you can get steady sales while still getting a larger profit margin than you would otherwise. You can find my TSM setup below that includes groups for some potential potions, make sure they’re actually profitable on your realm before you go crazy though!

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2 thoughts on “Classic goldmaking: Diving into Alchemy

  1. How do you prevent tsm from using the very limited quantity price of wild steelbloom instead of the AH price for calculating crafting profits, etc

    1. You can change the material value formula on the crafting reports pane. Go to /tsm crafting and crafting reports, then look up wild steelbloom and set the value to dbmarket.

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