Analyzing my Classic Sales

Today I will take a quick dive into my accounting data from classic to figure out which items have been the most profitable for me. I don’t have much profits in raw gold as I consistently spend my gold, but my AH value is going up so my approach is absolutely working. 

Sales quantities

The table below shows the items I have sold most of so far in classic. Heavy silk bandages top the list, but this is all vendor sales. I’ve done quite a bit of vendor shuffling for a fairly small profit margin. Outside of the bandages herbs have been by far my top sellers. Sungrass and Golden Sansam have both sold very quickly. Solid Stone has done really well lately, and I’ve not been flipping that for too long, so that’s a very nice addition. 

Biggest seller in raw gold

If we sort by total gold made Illusion dust comes out on top. The top enchanting material sells consistently, and at a pretty high unit price, the total value is very nice. It’s followed closely by Sungrass, Thistle Tea and Dream Dust. Thistle Tea is perhaps the most surprising item in terms of sales, but it generates a lot of gold, at about 54 silver each. 

Most profitable flip

Unsurprisingly the items that have generated the highest amount of resale profits are the same items that have generated the largest amounts of gold. Sungrass, Illusiond Dust and Dream dust have all yielded about 27 gold in profit so far each. Dream Dust has by far the best profit margin of them, but they have all done well. 

Most profitable item

Thistle Tea takes the cake by far. It has generated almost 70 gold in profit, doubling the next best. That’s almost a 100% profit margin on average, which is nothing short of fantastic. Hopefully I can add some more crafted goods to my setup for the coming weeks, as this item has just been phenomenal. 

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5 thoughts on “Analyzing my Classic Sales

  1. I’ve been having the issue of illusion dust price crashing pretty hard on my server compared to region. They used to be fairly close but are separating by about 20s per dust.

    Do you have any advice on how to deal with this shift? Hold old stock bought that now may only break even or possibly even a loss? Try and artificially pump the price back up? Stop buying new stock until market settles?

    I think the Reason is there’s a heavy amount of pre-raid dungeon farming atm and enchanters are flooding with market to move the large amount they are currently generating.

    1. Answering correctly requires predicting the future. Personally I just take the loss and buy at the new equilibrium, but if you have a strong conviction that the price will go up you can try to ride it out.

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