Classic goldmaking: Flipping Blasted Lands Consumable materials

Material flipping has been working well for me in classic. Recently I’ve tried out a new market here, with a more specific approach. The Blasted Lands materials used in the consumable quests from the blood elves there. 

The Blasted lands consumables

In the north west corner of the Blasted Lands there are two blood elves that give out repeatable quests. The quests require a bunch of different materials from the wildlife around them. All of the materials can be traded with other players and turning in the quest gives you a consumable that increases one of the main stats by 25 for an hour. This is particularly good for melee classes as 25 agility or 25 strength is a very strong buff for raiding. 

The spirit one is also used in a libram recipe which makes that one quite useful as well. 

The quests

The quests require different amounts of each material. There are 5 materials in total. To optimize our sales we will only be selling the items in the stack size required for one turn-in. The rewards are unique so you can only have one consumable of each type on you at any time, so there’s not much point in selling multiple stacks at a time. 

The stack sizes will range from 1 to 10. Our approach will be to post the materials required for 10 turn-ins for stamina, intellect and spirit and for 20 turn-ins for the Agility and strength consumables. The melee consumables give direct DPS buffs and will likely be quite a bit more popular than the others.

We will be willing to buy up slightly more than we post as I find that the sale rate is quite high. 

Materials and amounts needed

The table below shows how many of each material is needed for each type of consumable. As we can see the int and spirit consumables have the heaviest requirements needing 10 each of either the Basilisk Brain or the Vulture Gizzard. The melee consumables have easier requirements. 

In the table below we have multiplied the materials by the restock quantity to get the total required for each material. I set the maximum restock quantity to double what I’ll post at any time. Feel free to experiment with the totals and the restocking as you see what works and what doesnt. 

Executing in the market

It’s as easy as running a shopping scan and buying everything that shows up. Then you go collect them and repost using the auctioning operations. We use 80% dbmarket as the maximum shopping price and repost at 100% dbmarket at minimum. This is the basic material flipping approach that has worked wonders for a long while. 

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