Classic goldmaking: Generating gold with services

Selling services has always been a great way to make gold in WoW. In classic there’s a ton of utility between the various classes and a lot of potential to use that utility to help other players. This is usually related to your class and it has some overlap with farming for certain classes, but it can be a good way to generate some starting gold or to supplement other methods. 

Different service types

I’m going to split the services into three categories, pure utility, class-based farms and carry services. There is some overlap between the last two categories, but nothing huge. 

Pure utility

In the pure utility category I mostly think about things like lockpicking, mage portals, summons and other abilities that give value to other players right away and require relatively little effort. 

If you are a rogue, you can relatively easily level lockpicking in a day and generate some extra gold with a simple yell macro offering your services. you’ll typically get some tips and it is an easy way to monetize afk time in the city. 

Mages can sell portals and conjured food. Both are in demand. Make a macro for /2 offering your services at whatever price you think is competitive. On my realm the mages offer portals for 1 gold each. 

Summoning requires more work and other players, but there is a group of warlocks on my realm that make gold offering summons to hard to reach locations. They started with Duke Hydraxis, for raiders getting a new dousing water, but they now offer summons to four different locations for 5 gold each. This probably requires multiboxing or a dedicated team at least, but it’s the method that inspired this post. 

Class-based farming

I’m just going to focus on some very few farms here. Overall I’m not particularly interested in farming, but there are several dungeon farms you can do to help players get specific gear pieces. Hunters can solo tribute runs and sell the loot after finishing. I personally bought a Tarnished Elven ring for 30 gold. 

Warlocks can solo Dire Maul East and Princess runs in Maraudon for the Blackstone ring. 

Rogues can solo General Angerforge for the Hand of Justice, and do it even more easily with a druid or a second rogue partner. I’m sure there are others that I’m not aware of. If you do these kinds of farms with a buyer lined up for the gear I think they are better, but overall I would not personally do it as I don’t really like farming. 

Carry-based services

This is going to overlap to some degree with the previous category. Healers can typically make gold by healping warriors farm Arena in BRD for the Savage Gladiator Chain. The going rate is every green and blue that drops and 100 gold if the chest drops. Tanks can typically get paid for tanking any dungeon, getting all the unwanted drops and perhaps some gold as well. 

Mages can sell dungeon boosts for XP in stockades, Scarlet Monastery and Zul’Farrak. 

If you like PvE, make some money off it

If you love PvE or services there’s gold to be made. I’m personally too much of a casual, but I have made a yell macro for my rogue for lockboxes, as it’s almost free gold. 

You can look up specific guides for all the mentioned methods here if you want to get into them. Generally I think any farming based method is less interesting than professions and flipping as they do not scale with your gold.

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2 thoughts on “Classic goldmaking: Generating gold with services

  1. I’ve seen people selling cleared UBRS instance for 5g for BWL layer attunement. They even escorted players through the instance dressed in tuxedos.

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