Classic goldmaking: Low level quest turn-in items

Now that classic has been out for a while the majority of players who are leveling are likely leveling an alt. This means they have gold to spend. There are quite a few quests throughout the game that requires profession items, so let’s take a look at some of these items as they are usually nice and profitable. 

Faction differences

A fairly large portion of the quests are available for both factions. There are also a lot of class specific quests for gear while leveling that require items, but I did not go through all of those. I looked through the leveling guide I used to level my warlock to get an idea of the ones players are most likely to look for. 

Turning some gold into experience is a great deal and a lot of players will be willing to spend gold on these items. 

Alliance-specific items

Alliance have two items that stand out that a lot of players will buy. The Bronze Tube is needed for a quest in Duskwood, which a lot of players usually do. In addition you need 2 Elixirs of Fortitude for the culmination of the quest line for a Sprite Darter Hatchling in Feralas. This questline has a lot of experience, but you will probably only bother with it if you are following a guide. Elixirs of Fortitude sell really well to max level characters anyway, so you should craft those anyway. 

Horde-specific items

In the questing guide I could only find one horde-specific item, the Strong Trolls’s Blood potion. This is needed for the quest Elixir of Agony in Hillsbrad. This is a semi-long questline, and I expect only players following a guide will do it all, but you should still post these. 

Quests for both factions

This is where the meat is. There are several quests that are available for both factions where you can turn in profession items. These will always be relevant and you can likely make a bit of gold here. 


The most well known of all profession item turn-in quests are the ones in the Badlands. Lotwil Veriatus needs a lot of items. There are three total turn-ins just from his quest hub. He needs a Frost oil, A gyrochronatom and Patterned Bronze bracers. These quests are quite well known and I expect a LOT of players do these, so these items should sell well. 

Moonsteel broadsword

The moonsteel Broadsword is needed for a quest in Dustwallow Marsh. Jarl wants a blade after you do the first quest for him. This is not a particularly well known quest, and it’s not super central, so I expect a lot of players will forget or skip this one. 

Mithril Casing

Mithril Casing is needed to repair the mechanical gorilla A-Me 01 in Un’goro Crater. This is also a little out of the way and there are no meaningful follow ups. It’s still great experience though, so I expect you should see sales here. 

TSM settings and expectations

None of these items are needed in huge volumes. This is once per alt, so the volume will not be there. You want to post in stacks of 1, and you can experiment with between 1 and 3 items up at the time. I expect you can easily make 20% profit here, and this can be a cheap way to level the necessary professions. Engineering and alchemy come out ahead here, but other professions also have turn-ins. If we include class quest the list gets even longer so just go reading up on those to find even more good items!

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