Goblin mindset: The goldmaking journey

Getting started with goldmaking is always the hardest, so let’s take a quick look at how you can get started. 

What are we optimizing for?

The optimal way to start out depends a bit on your goals. The main difference would be if you need gold in the short term or not. For instance if you want to pay for your game time using tokens ASAP, versus getting the Brutosaur as fast as possible. 

Long term the goal will usually be to make as much gold as possible. In this post I’ll mostly focus on long term optimization, which will inevitable leave you in a position where you will likely spend almost all your gold on a consistent basis. 

Long term target markets

Long term you should aim for the most valuable markets in the game. This means high-end cosmetic items and consumables and gear that is useful for max level characters. The richest players in the game usually either focus on volume or extremely expensive items. BoE flipping is on the expensive item part of the scale, and you have multiboxers and other rich players controlling large parts of the material market. 

Which markets exactly you should choose in the end is something you will have to experiment with, but they should be useful for max level characters and either have huge sales volumes (Alchemy) or extremely high prices (BoEs, rare transmog etc.). 

Starting moves

I like crafting and flipping as the main markets for getting started. Use my spreadsheet to get a good idea of which professions are profitable if you don’t have any already. Cooking is usually a great option for getting started as you can always have it on your main, and consumables always sell well. 

Work on the recipes that show a profit. Scale up as soon as you find something that sells. Keep crafting and posting the items that work. 


Right now in BfA there are no great entry-level flipping markets. Material flipping can still work, but it’s very slow. I would personally suggest sticking with crafting professions for a while. you can easily get them all to 120 with the experience buff and that is likely a better use of your time. 


Farming has it’s role. The more urgent your gold goal is, the more farming you should do. In the beginning you will be heavily limited by how much gold you have, and if you farm a lot you can quickly scale your gold up and be able to level more professions, buy more materials and just make more gold. 

Being able to buy everything when materials are cheap for instance is a huge boon. 

Swap to more expensive recipes

As you go you want to focus more on higher price point items. Even if the profit margin is lower, you will likely make more in gold per hour by focusing on more expensive items. 1000 gold profit off of a 1000 gold crafting cost is less time-efficient than 3000 gold in profit from a 10000 gold crafting cost, even if it is more gold efficient. 

High-end flipping and beyond

Eventually you will reach a point where you are on your own. Truly high-end goldmaking is always tailored specifically to a play style and pattern. At this point you will have to test the various high-end markets, see what works for you and figure out ways to scale it. I personally do BoE flipping on a lot of different realms, and that works fairly well for me. Finding these methods is super fun though, so you have a lot to look forward too. 

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