Classic Goldmaking: Phase 5 Enchanting weapon oils

With the launch of Phase 5 weapon oils for casters and healers were finally added to the game, giving enchanters access to a strong consumable. 

Weapon oils

There are two main oils we care about, the Brilliant Wizard Oil and Brilliant Mana Oil. The Mana oil is for healers and the Wizard Oil for caster DPS. They are both very strong and will be used by essentially every healer or caster looking to maximize their output. 

Obtaining the recipes

Both recipes come from Zandalar Tribe reputation. Brilliant Mana Oil unlocks at Friendly with Brilliant Wizard Oil coming at Honored. This makes them both fairly easy to get, you just have to run Zul’Gurub 4 times or combine it with some Bijous or coins off the Auction House. 

Crafting them

The oils are a little annoying to stock as they do not stack at all. This makes them take up quite a bit of inventory space. Each oil has 5 charges, so it is effectively a stack of 5 consumables. I would suggest stocking at least 10 of each at the time and to keep a decent amount on the AH. On raid nights they should sell quickly. 

The materials required are two Large brilliant Shards and either 3 Purple Lotus for the mana oil or three Firebloom for the Wizard Oil. The Firebloom has already gone up in price significantly as it is also used in the new elixir of Greater Firepower by mages. 

TSM Settings

Ths TSM setup includes a crafting operation to craft 10 of each oil and post 3 at the time. The vendor cost is significant, so you will want to adjust your TSM settings based on what sales you are getting. You want to avoid canceling as much as possible. 

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