Continuous improvement or sticking to what works

In the grand scheme I’ve been using the same TSM settings with very few changes since Legion. This would go against my own advice that you should always seek to improve. There’s always a tension between doing something you already know works and trying to optimize even more. 

If you don’t improve you will eventually stagnate

If you stop trying to improve your approach or get better you will eventually stop improving. The game changes and your competition changes. If you don’t keep up or even lead the way they will find more effective methods or ways of exploiting your strategy to their advantage. 

Don’t change just to change

The other perspective is of course that you should stick to things you know work. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Don’t change just because you feel you should. The way to get rich is to consistently do things that make you gold, which requires doing the same things if they work. 


Usually goldmaking follows a stair like progression. you stagnate for a while in terms of goldmaking while you learn a new market, then eventually you see a step up in gold as you get it down. Your learning essentially follows the same pattern, but staggered slightly. The graph below shows the principle. As you learn a new market your gold stays flat, but you learn a bunch, eventually you master it and your gold starts increasing, but your learning has now stopped. 

Improvement should focus on taking the next step

Improvement should focus on setting you up for the next leap up in goldmaking. You want a new market or a new approach that can take you significantly farther than the last one if possible. You want to go somewhere you can make significantly more than what you used to and to keep scaling this ladder until you reach your goals if you have a specific one, or as long as you possibly can if you don’t. 

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