Classic Goldmaking: Pre-BiS Leatherworking gear

Today It’s time to take a look at the pre-raid BiS gear for the last crafting profession: Leatherworking. Leatherworkers can craft leather and mail gear and there is plenty of good stuff to go around!

Leather and mail

You can craft armor of the leather and mail types. This means you will be crafting for a wide variety of classes. Warriors, paladins, druids, hunters, shamans and rogues can all use the armor you craft and the most powerful pieces are good for a wide variety of classes. This makes leatherworking very nice!


As with blacksmithing there are three specializations you can choose for leatherworking. They each give access to a separate pool of high-end recipes focused on different uses. 

Tribal Leatherworkers can make leather items primarily geared to healers and physical DPS. 

Dragonscale Leatherworkers get to make mail armor, primarily focused on physical DPS and shamans

Elemental Leatherworkers get access to leather armor with a mix between physical DPS and healing gear. 

All of the specializations also get access to some fire resistance pieces, although these are not widely used. 

Dragonscale leatherworking

Dragonscale leatherworking is the only one that gets to craft mail armor. This limits the pool of potential classes as rogues and druids get excluded. The only class for which any of these items approach BiS is for enhancement shamans where the full Black Dragonscale set is pre-raid BiS. The recipes for the Black Dragonscale set drops from various mobs and bosses in BRD, with the boots being sold by Lokhtos Darkbargainer. For hunters there are better options meaning that you should only really consider going dragonscale on horde if you know or have an idea that the competition is light. 

Elemental Leatherworking

For Elemental Leatherworkers the most exciting recipes is the living set and the Shifting cloak. The Living shoulders are pre-raid BiS for druids, and pretty strong for paladin and shaman healers. The recipe is sold by the leatherworking vendors in Feralas. The other pieces can help tide someone over while gearing, but will not be pre-raid BiS. The Shifting cloak is primarily interesting for PvP. It has a lot of agility and some stamina and can be decent for PvP, but for pure PvE it is eclipsed by the Cape of the Black Baron. The recipe for the cloak drops from Knot Thimblejack’s Cache in Dire Maul. 

Tribal Leatherworking

Tribal leatherworkers are in the best position. They get to craft the devilsaur set which is best in slot for every physical damage class in the game, alongside the Hide of the Wild which is best in slot for every healer. The recipes for the devilsaur leggings drops from oozes in Un’goro crater, where the gauntlet recipe is sold by Nergal. The recipe for the Hide of the Wild drops from Knot Thimblejack’s Cache in Dire Maul. 

Wolfshead helm has a unique equip effect for druids that makes it mandatory for feral druids.  You get this recipe from completing the quest to become a Tribal leatherworker, making it the easiest to get. 

You also get access to the warbear set, that can be decent for PvP, with a ton of stamina. Overall this is the most in demand specialization by far, but it will also likely have most competition. 

No Specialization recipes

There are a couple of interesting recipes that do not require specializations. The Onyxia Scale Cloak is needed for Nefarian and will thus be needed by everyone planning to do BWL. You can get the recipe from a quest available after you turn in the head of Onyxia, so you do need to kill her first.  In addition the Mongoose Boots are very good for rogues, ferals and hunters and are competitive or pre-raid BiS depending on the class. The recipe is once again obtained from Knot Thimblejack’s Cache in Dire Maul

Overall view

Leatherworking has a huge amount of useful pre-bis recipes. Overall I think this profession looks very good as far as the usefulness of the items goes. Getting the recipes can be a bit of a chore, I have included links to wowhead where relevant to help you get them in a timely manner. Tribal looks like the best one on paper, but competition on your realm might make one of the others pass it. 

TSM settings

As always with crafted gear we will be posting one of each for a minimum price of 120% of the crafting cost. Don’t craft more than one of each with the first batch, and see what sells before you go crazy. 

4 thoughts on “Classic Goldmaking: Pre-BiS Leatherworking gear

  1. Any chance we can get an updated guide for running two Wow accounts in 2019? TSMs sync function is so limited that I can’t use a bank alt on the second account for all posting. Since when I try to restock on my tailor on my main account, even after syncing it does not know what to pull for re-crafting. Really wish I could just make TSM see both accounts as if they were one account with a shared character pool.

    1. I use the exact same setup as I wrote about back then. I actually recently used my own guide to set it up again. Sadly there is no way for TSM to sync the gathering list effectively. It should track materials to some degree, but it will often get it wrong.

  2. I managed to get it to work somewhat. Both toons need to be online and near each other for a little bit and the groups between the two seem to need to be identical in order for restocking to work.

    Need to try to figure out warehousing soon.

    The Ledger though while it’s kind of shared it’s tracking gold per day per account instead of as one

    Will your method fix that?

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