Goblin Mindset: You can only control yourself

Goldmaking can be frustrating at times. Other players may crash a market, or sales might slow down or dry up for no apparent reason. To succeed you can’t focus too much on things outside of your control though, changes are inevitable so you have to learn to take them in stride. 

You can’t change what you can’t control

This is not a particularly revolutionary concept. In fact it may seem banally simple. Focusing on things outside your control is a staple in most games. Players whining about their team, the current meta, certain items or any other specific change working against them. They may of course be right, and have good reason to lobby for a change in the game, but in the meantime, you will have to adapt your current playstyle to the game. 

You can’t change other people (at least not easily). They make terrible decisions, do weird stuff or just don’t buy from you. The good thing is of course that you don’t need them to make sense. By adding more and more different valuable items to your goldmaking rotuines you can still make plenty of gold regardless. 

Excuses keep you from learning

“My realm seems dead for goldmaking”, “Alchemy doesn’t work anymore” and similar phrases may hold some truth. That being said they are not particularly useful. I have not yet found a realm where I have not been able to make gold, and I have tried my hand at 10 different EU realms across BfA and classic. Spending gold to get what they care about in game has always been a part of WoW. There will always be a niche to fill or compete in, Even with one repost a day I can make gold on very high population realms. 

Markets in WoW vary over time. If you focus too much on the fact that they did or that some patch changed your favorite method you won’t get into the new one. You can’t change the game, but you can change what you do to make gold, so do not be afraid to do so. 

Sales are random

Sales are not actually random. That being said there is a high degree of variability, particularly for higher value items. You can sell one BoE in a month and then three in one day to pay for three tokens. Sales can be misleading due to this. This means that in the short term using your liquid gold to measure progress may be misleading. Ah value + liquid gold is a better measure, as you cannot control when an item sales. What you can control is what you have for sales. And more is more when it comes to auctions, at least as far as adding more items that fill other niches. So keep adding items to your crafting and flipping rotations and get them out onto the AH!

More is more

You can probably do more goldmaking. WoW is a game of time spent, and goldmaking is the same, even if you can eventually leverage your capital in a way that few other endeavours will. More shopping, more crafting or more farming will bring in more gold. This is the simplest way to get more gold, but it may be impractical. Either way it is within your control. 

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