Classic goldmaking: Simple tips – Disenchanting Rare BoEs for Large Brilliant Shards

In the past I have written simple gold tips for retails, and it’s time for a small scale easy tip for classic as well. This little trick has almost no barrier to entry, is a high volume market and extremely simple to test.

Why Large Brilliants

Lately the price of large Brilliant Shards has increased considerably with high demand due to new enchants, logistics badges and the the summons in Silithus. This means that you can potentially make gold disenchanting low value BoEs. 

Disenchanting has no requirements

You can disenchant any item as long as you have trained enchanting on a character. This means the only barrier to entry is to level to level 5 on a dedicated alt. So just level your banker to 5 if you have one at level 1 or level a fresh character to level 5.

The idea

The plan is simply to search for rare items above level 50 on the AH that are selling for less than the price of a Large Brilliant Shard. These items always disenchant into a Large Brilliant shard, so there is zero RNG involved here. 

The approach

If you have TSM this is dead easy. You will just use a search string to get all the rares above level 50 on your realm. You can then simply mouse over them to see the disenchant value directly in the tooltip. This means you just have to compare the disenchant value to the price of the rare and make your decision. Since the deposit cost is zero for enchanting materials you can afford to go for razor thin margins. 

Good luck!

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