Classic goldmaking: Some ideas for Phase 5 preparation

I wrote about some of the changes coming in phase 4 very close to the phase change. Today  I’ll start looking ahead to phase 5 so you can have tons of time to plan ahead. We will not have time to go over everything today, but we will focus on the war effort and parts of the Cenarion Circle Reputation changes. 

The Ahn’Qiraj War Effort

The War effort is a massive server wide event where we have to gather a ton of materials to get ready for our war against the Silithid. It requires us to donate a massive amount of materials in repeatable quests before we can open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj and get into the raids. 

Obviously we would expect the price of these materials to go up as players turn them in. The turn-ins give rep with the major cities, so for anyone looking to get another races mount this will be a great opportunity for some rep. That being said most of the materials required are relatively low value. As such you will have to have a LOT of bagspace if you want to invest. This would be quite expensive. The alternative is to store it in your mailbox by mailing a lot of items to a single character. This can be risky as you have to clear everything out and resend it at least every 60 days to avoid them just being deleted. 

Personally I will not be going for this as the inventory effort does not seem worth the potential rewards. 

Elementium Ore

Elementium Ore has been trending heavily down in price since the launch of BWL. Once Ahn’Qiraj opens we get a new use for this ore, as you need three Elementium Ores to turn in the Imperial Qiraji regalia and armaments Tokens. These give access to AQ weapons. These can drop from every boss and represent in quite a few cases a significant upgrade from BWL or ZG gear, although they are not absolute BiS for too many classes. 

We might see a price bump in elementium as we get a new use for it outside of the Thunderfury quest. The price will probably still trend down for a while though, so you should probably wait a little while before you go purchasing a large stockpile. 

Black Lotuses and flasks

We have no idea how tightly Ahn’Qiraj will be tuned. It could be really difficult or quite easy. If it is hard then we might see flask usage at a higher rate than BWL. Some players are already stockpiling and so are probably the hardcore guilds, but there are always tons of semi-hardcore or casual players who will have the gold to consider flasking. 

This is a risky investment, and I would not go for this unless you are comfortable with potentially losing gold.

Cenarion Circle Logistics Badges

With phase 5 we also get the new quests and rewards from Cenarion Circle. The battlegear quests contain some very nice rewards, including an on-use trinket for melee that is quite good. I assume we will see many players going for these on both mains and alts, as the trinket in particular is a large upgrade over the dungeon trinkets and many players will be competing for the better AQ trinkets. 

To get these you need to gather a lot of logistics badges. You get these from completing logistics quests which involves turning in a logistics briefing alongside the needed items. The turn-ins include materials and crafted goods from most professions. All of the turn-ins are in Silithus so getting them quickly will be extremely annoying. 

I suggest parking an alt in Silithus before phase 5 and stocking up on the items needed. Send them to the alt in silithus and sell them to people directly from the mailbox by advertising in the zone chat. The turn-ins include more expensive materials like Mooncloth, Enchanted leather, Large Brilliant shards and Powerful Mojo. Some of these will be very in demand in ZG and you should either get them now, or wait until the initial ZG crafting rush dies down and prices trend downwards. 

This market makes much more sense to invest in as the items are much more stack efficient than the war effort materials and the rewards are better. 

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2 thoughts on “Classic goldmaking: Some ideas for Phase 5 preparation

  1. “This can be risky as you have to clear everything out and resend it at least every 60 days to avoid them just being deleted.”

    If I’m correct the delete time is 30 days on classic.

    1. I’ll have to test, the retail behaviour is 30 days in the mailbox to whoever you sent it to, then it gets returned and stays 30 days in that mailbox.

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