Goblin Mindset: Goldmaking is about making good decisions

I’m going to circle back to the first post I did to really launch this goblin mindset series. I wrote about the goal of gold making. Today I’ll try to get more specific on the application. 

What is the goal?

What I wrote 2.5 years ago still holds true. The goal of goldmaking is to maximize your total gold over a longer time horizon. At least for me. The reason we need to qualify with a longer time horizon is of course that many goldmaking methods will cost you game in the short run, until you start getting sales. 

Goldmaking revolves around decision making

Getting good at gold making primarily entails making the right decisions. Buying the right items at the right price. Crafting the correct amount of items and posting them at the right price. 

Goldmaking does not have any sort of mechanical skill. You click the buttons and you get the same result every time (with the exception of some prospecting or alchemy proc RNG, but that averages out over time). The only skillcap you can find will be making better decisions. 

How do you make better decisions?

To make better decisions you first need to know what a good decision is. And that involves knowing what your goal is. Any decision that leads to results that bring you closer to your gold is good, and any decision that brings you farther away is bad. This is of course incredibly obvious. 

For most of you your brain will subconsciously assess your decisions. Your automatic evaluation might not align with your actual gold. Any market that requires a lot of investment will feel worse, even if it might be bringing you closer to your goal. 

No one factor will be the answer

There are many ways to measure your progress and methods. You can look at profit margin, raw profit, price level, sale rate and other measures. None of them will be the answer by themselves. It will depend on your needs right now, so balance it out as you go. 

Develop heuristics

Heuristics is just an expensive word for rule of thumb. You want to make some easy rules you can follow based on your current needs. Try to figure out what the most important factor is for you right now. This allows you to make decisions faster, which is always an advantage. 

The absolute best way to do this is to use tradeskillmaster. you can then hardcode your heuristics into operations and just run scans to get it to make decisions for you when you run scans.   

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