Classic Goldmaking: Tailoring Pre-raid BiS Gear

Gear that is useful for max level characters is always a great way to make gold. Today we will take a look at what tailoring has to offer for players looking to gear up and take their characters into raiding. 

Mages, warlocks and priests

There are primarily three classes that will be looking for cloth armor, and that is of course the three pure casters that can only wear cloth. Mages, warlocks and priests will be focusing on slightly different stats and thus different items. Shadow priests and warlocks care about shadow spell damage while mages care about frost damage at the moment. Holy priests will want to get intellect, spirit and healing power. 

Pre-raid BiS for priests

For healing priests there is only one item that you can craft that is tradeable on the pre-raid BiS list. This is the mooncloth Circlet which is an alternative head. Other helmets include a BoE world drop so I expect that this will not be the best seller on most realms. Healers are also fairly in demand and are often relatively geared. 

Shadow priests on the other hand have several crafted items on their pre raid-Bis list, including one that is actually best in slot. The Felcloth items are very strong for providing shadow spell damage. The hood is second best and the shoulders are the best ones. 

Robe of Winter Night is also the best in slot chest piece for shadow priests and the felcloth Gloves are the best gloves. The Robe recipe drops from Cobalt Mageweavers in Winterspring and is Bind on Pickup, so prepare to farm to get it. The felcloth Glove recipe drops from Dire Maul North, but it is tradeable so you can buy it from the AH. 

Mages and frost damage

Mages right now only do frost damage in PvE, so they focus heavily on getting frost damage on their gear. Spell hit and spell crit are the other two major stats that matter to casters. For mages there are no tradable tailoring items that are best in slot. Frostweave pants and gauntlets are options to tide mages over until they get the best items in the respective slots. 

The Robe of the Archmage is of course the absolute best chest, but it is bind on pickup so it is more of a reason to have tailoring than a goldmaking method. 

Warlocks and shadow damage

Like shadow priests warlock want shadow damage, so the itemization is quite similar. Rove of winter night and the Felcloth gloves are both relevant here. Warlocks do have a more powerful Bind on Pickup chest piece called Robe of the Void though, so the Robe of Winter Night is the second best. It is the best you can get if you don’t have tailoring though, so this should be a great recipe to get. 

Felcloth shoulders and the hood are good options to tide warlocks over until their better items drop and buying these recipes from the AH could be well worth it. 

For the glove slot there are two tailoring items that vy for the top spot. The Gloves of Spell Mastery and the Felcloth Gloves. The Felcloth gloves recipe is from Dire Maul and the Spell Mastery gloves recipe is obtained from random instance mobs. It can be sold, so keep an eye out on the AH. 

Summing up the items

The list below shows all the items and whether or not they are BiS for the respective classes. The top candidate for goldmaking here is the Robe of Winter Night. Overall there are more good recipes for shadow damage than for anything else and I would start with the felcloth items!

TSM Settings

My TSM setup will post one of each for 24 hours. We use 120% crafting as the minimum price as usual.  

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