BfA: Getting a brutosaur before Shadowlands drops

The brutosaur mount is going extinct. When Shadowlands rolls around it will be removed from the vendor so let’s take a look at what’s required to get it!

When is Shadowlands coming out?

We just know that it is in 2020, but based on recent history I would expect it some time in the third quarter. For this post we will just be assuming a 30th August release date, and see how it shakes out. 

We have about 277 days left until the 30th, which means we need to make an average profit of 18 051 gold per day. That’s quite a bit of gold, but certainly not impossible. In fact a lot of farming methods can probably get you there off of an average of 1 hour per day!

AH progression

To do it using the auction house you will have to generate somewhere in the 20 million range for sales, depending on your profit margin. That means an average of 72 204 gold in sales per day. To get there you need to either repost a lot, or to be in some very high value markets. It goes without saying that you need to have a lot of markets to make gold from as you need a lot of gold on your auction house. 

Some markets are risky

8.3 is upon us in a not too far future with an AH revamp. This will definitely have a huge impact on markets like material flipping that have been a staple of entry level goldmaking. The markets I would suggest using to reach 5 million before Shadowlands are the following: 

Crafting professions and BoE flipping. 

What should you craft?

As much as possible. For BfA related items I would want to get at least 4 professions. With level boosts from old expansions you should have at least two characters capable of learning BfA professions. I have personally had most success with armor crafting and Combatant gear. If we get a new set in 8.3 I would suggest going all 3 armor professions. The last slot is up to you, with enchanting and inscription being my two favorites, but really any of the others can work. 

You also want to craft high value old expansion items. The primary ones are the luxury mounts from engineering, jewelcrafting and alchemy as well as all the mists of Pandaria materials needed to craft Sky Golems, Panthers and rockets. 

BoE flipping

BoE flipping is the market that can really propel you. It will take a lot of investment though, and it is risky, but there is nothing that comes close in terms of generating millions. Getting profits that can reach 100 000 gold from a single item makes this just unbeatable. Right now I would start buying Eternal Palace BoEs, particularly item level 430 and above. Try to figure out the general price level on your realm as I outlined in this post. Then use that as the basis for your pricing and the shopping price. 

Track your progress

I made a little google sheet you can use to track your progress (inspired by Samadan). The Tracking pane is meant for tracking your gold. Write your total gold every day in the total liquid gold column and the graphs on the front page will show up. It will also calculate the target profit you need to generate per day on average based on the current date and the days remaining. If you populate the AH value and Sales columns as well you will get some nice graphs showing your progress. It is pretty quick to run through all of them, if you just want to do it on a weekly basis just fill in the blanks with the last value if you want the graphs to work. 

Only the light gray cells in the tracking page should be changed, leave everything else as it is. Make your own copy so you can edit it as you wish!

Good luck and happy hunting!

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10 thoughts on “BfA: Getting a brutosaur before Shadowlands drops

  1. So are you holding the 430 BoE to sell on the next patch? Unfortunatelly I had a terrible experience selling BoEs on two of my realms this month and on my main realm I don’t think its worth flip BoEs even with the current path. 🙁

    1. I posst them continuously, but I expect they will retain value in the next patch, but I’m not trying to hold on to them. I use the same basic criteria I always use.

    1. It works. Herbalism always works. For inscription you can do rare glyphs, Highborne trinkets and offhands and most of those will give good profits.

  2. Is flipping BoE’s from the last tier really working ?
    I used to flip boe’s early in Uldir patch and it worked great but I’m a little concerned about people wanting to buy low ilvl gear for a good price.

    Anyway, I am doing 10kgold/day with only tsm crafting enchanting right now (I don’t play retail, I play classic mainly but I logon for the AH), my alchemy doesn’t income shit on my server right now and I was looking for 2 others professions to use for AH stuff on my alt.
    So you’re suggesting to get 2 armor profession or should I wait the patch to see what’s the more profitable ? I have trouble seeing how crafting gear could be a profit with the population of the game being at the lowest ?

    1. Yes flipping BoEs from the last tier whas worked REALLY well in BfA so far. They are still the highest item level piece you can purchase for that item slot, so if you want to very quickly gear up a character to m+/raid level there is nothing that compares.

  3. Hello Lazy Gold Maker,

    first of all thank you for all the tips.

    Do you think flipping materials will be dead in 8.3 ?

    Will you post a group with best BoE to flip on 8.3 release ?

    Ty very much again !

    1. I expect it will be much worse. I will be posting about BoE flipping in 8.3 once the patch goes live.

  4. What am I suppose to do if my server has an extremely high supply of everything and not enough demand to keep up with that supply?

  5. I started back on my hunt for the brontosaur since it will be gone sometime next year and I found your old articles on the luxury mounts. I’m looking at my alts and I have 1 that has a “spare” profession slot that isn’t being used. Would it be better to have him as an alchemist for the transmutes for not only the luxury mount transmutes but the BFA transmutes as well, or switch him to engineering for quicker sky golems?

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