Classic goldmaking: The state of crafting professions

Classic is progressing nicely, and with a lot of players progressing from leveling to max level farming there will be changes to the profitability of professions. Crafting is typically one of the best ways to make gold, so let’s take a quick look at what you need to look for to find markets. 

The leveling rush is ending

The mad dash for leveling is approaching it’s end for many players. During the initial months of classic players have leveled their characters, but also their professions. Predictably material prices have been relatively high, and crafted items have sold for less than the crafting cost. 

Material prices will probably keep rising with inflation, but we should also expect the supply for items that are crafted while leveling professions to fall. 

This includes stuff from every profession, but items that are useful on a longer time frame will of course be the most relevant ones. 

Recipes that may become profitable

With the initial dash to leveling professions ending we may se lower level recipes that are semi-useful for leveling become profitable. This includes stuff like blue gear and the intermediate bags. Due to the massive supply from players leveling their professions now ending we can potentially get gold out of this. According to TSM mageweave bags are now barely profitable on my realm for the first time ever for instance. 

End-game recipes

So far the main way to make gold with crafting professions has been with recipes that are relevant at 60. I have made quite a bit of gold with Thistle Tea so far, which is one of the few recipes in the game that you get at a lower level that is relevant at max. 

Fire protection potions is another example of a lower level recipe that is relevant for max level players, and it can be learned at level 165 in Alchemy. 

Cater to max level players

The main way to make gold will be to cater to max level players. Craft armor that is useful for initial gearing, consumables that are useful in raids and any utility item that is useful for everyone (like bags). Crafting should remain profitable for a long while, so start using your professions!

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