World of Goldcraft 53: Classic WoW investments

Today I talk about long term investments and look at some potential markets in Classic where this can make sense! 

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3 thoughts on “World of Goldcraft 53: Classic WoW investments

  1. First of all, thank you for sharing these tips, it helps to compare strategies and to look at things in new perspective.

    Now, the question that i have is regards material flipping. I have tried with mixed success and im not sure if i approach this right.The base idea is simple, but the execution is the problem . For example, there is bunch of herbs in AH starting at 70%(dbmarket) going continuously to 110-120%.When buying the cheap one, where do i stop? If i stop buying around 90-95% then the repost price have to be very close to that so we talking about 10%profit maybe. ANd if i buy the cheap materials and wait, then i risk that the prices go down again…

    I would be interested in some insight on this issue from more experienced goblins.

    1. I buy up to 80% and then I immediately repost at 100%. There are always players buying in bulk, so you will usually still get sales, even if it will not happen right away. Experimentations is how you figure out which itmes work well. My favorites for speed has beem the stones Heavy Stone, Solid Stone etc.

    2. It depends if you’re just reselling them or going to craft using alchemy with them. Either way, it also depends on what % of market you know you can sell them at. I’ve noticed for herbs and potions, it’s all about timing. Both will go up in price on the most popular raid days and evenings, that’s when you post all of your herbs/pots. So it’s fine to buy even up to 90% market if you know on raid nights people will buy for 130% of market most of the time, right? Sometimes you may be able to immediately repost for a good profit but I’d say most of the time I’d be waitin for the best time to post them and usually never post them on the weekends as prices tend to dip due to people farming more since they have more time and probably already raided.

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