Classic Goldmaking: Thick Obsidian Breastplate

A guildmate of mine has been making a lot of gold selling Thick Obsidian Breastplates. So let’s take a look at this recipe!

The Item

The Thick Obsidian Breastplate is obviously a plate item. It has a pretty unique spell absorption effect that makes it quite good in PvE, as well as for tanking in certain situations. It is particularly noteworthy for Paladin tanks and plays an important part in the paladin in-depth tanking guide on Wowhead. 

Getting the recipe

The recipe drops from the Prophet Skeram in AQ40. Normally this would mean it is inaccessible for many players unless you are the designated guild blacksmith. This is not the case here however as the recipe can be traded. You can pick it up on the AH and you may be well advised to do so. 

Is it profitable to craft it?

I’ve checked the recipe on my realm using According to the TSM data It is selling for about 360 gold more than what the material costs. This puts it at a whoopping 200% profit margin. The sale rate is not amazing, but my friend has been selling these every couple of days. 

The recipe currently has a market value of 300g on my realm, so if you can sell a single breastplate you’ll be making a profit, that seems like a pretty great deal. 

Getting materials

The biggest issue is getting the materials, particularly the Large obsidian shards. These only spawn in AQ20 or AQ40 and can not be solo farmed. The quantity is thus never really super high as they only get farmed when someone runs one of the AQ instances. Make sure you scan for materials often so you can keep a steady crafting rythm, as otherwise you will likely run out. 

TSM settings

I’ve added the recipe to the blacksmithing group and updated the import string for TSM4.10. Good luck and happy hunting!

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