TSM 4.10: My favorite features

TSM version 4.10 was released a couple of weeks ago with some very exciting new features. I’ll take a look at some of my favorites in this blogpost. 

Favorite Recipes

In TSM 4.10 you can click a star next to your favorite recipes which makes them always appear on top of your crafting window. This is great for stuff like daily cooldowns, intermediate crafts or items you craft a ton of. It’s extremely simple and can save a lot of time, particularly for items that you want to craft as many of as humanly possible. 

More dynamic fields in operations

Another great addition is that many fields will now take a TSM value source based formula rather than a pure number input. This is most prominent for quantities in operations across all operation types. This means you can use dbregionsaleavg as a basis to quickly get a roughly correct amount of items to craft or post. 

For instance I use this in my TSM setup with a generic crafting and auctioning operation for every stackable item in the game. 

Improved dashboard

The TSM dashboard has gotten a face lift. You can now easily swap between different time periods. The graph also looks much better, at least that’s my opinion. It’s still not quite as powerful as the old summary view was though, which is a shame, but it is quite good now. 

Ledger improvements

I love the ledger as I love being able to analyze my activities. TSM4.10 has some really nice additions. You can now customize which columns to show. They’ve also added a Total profit column to the resale view, which is fantastic for figuring out how much gold you are actually making with flipping. 

There’s more to explore

I have not really started power-using TSM4.10 yet. I wanted to wait until it was out of beta to really start drilling into the new possibilities. In addition to what I covered here we get new value sources, a new UI and plenty of smaller tricks. 

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