Double legendary bonanza! A 9.2 Gold Rush?

The new covenant swapping legendary power was finally added to the PTR recently, which means we can speculate more in depth on how the legendary market will be in 9.2!

The new power

The new power is called unity and you unlock both the legendary power, and the ability to purchase a belt with the power attached from the Enlightened reputation in 9.2. You need to be revered, which currently is estimated to be about 4 weeks of dailies.

The important part is that Unity can be applied to ANY slot. The upshot of this is of course that certain specs are almost guaranteed to have an optimal setup that involves putting the unity power in another slot than the belt.

Do you need to upgrade the belt?

Currently the belt from the vendor is item level 265. This is likely not the maximum level for legendaries in 9.2, and I would not be surprised if you have to upgrade this to rank 7. It’s possible of course that you upgrade this one in some other way. Either way this is going to be an incredibly important question. If you need to upgrade this with a rank 7 base item then belts will be one of the absolute best slots to level for 9.2. If you don’t then belts will be completely useless. I had just assumed the legendary we get here would be max item level, but in the current build that seems to not be the case.

When will demand explode

One thing we don’t know yet is how crafting your rank 7 legendaries will work. There is a new currency in 9.2 called Cosmic Flux, which is supposed to be used for legendaries. This is also the one you use to purchase the belt legendary and the legendary power from The Enlightened. Until we know more we can’t really pin-point when demand will explode, but whenever players can upgrade their legendaries to rank 7, we can presume they will be raring to do so and rank 7 demand will absolutely explode. Many players will want at least 2 rank 7s to cover optimal covenant and the class legendary, and some will want to get secondary legendaries for more situations (AoE, m+, PvP, Single Target) if they play more than one aspect of the game.

Gold rush is looking likely

At this point it is looking like 9.2 will be an incredible gold rush. The time gating of legendary crafting is the biggest unknown, as are the optimal slots, but it is looking fairly certain that most players will want multiple rank 7 legendaries. I didn’t even touch on the fact that the optimal slot will change for most legendaries so a lot of players will have to re-craft legendaries to be optimal in 9.2.

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