New Crafter’s mark sources on the PTR

9.2 is adding new crafter’s marks and these recipes were wildly profitable in 9.1. In the latest build a source for the patterns so let’s take a look.

New zone, new reputation

As usual with new zones we get a new reputation. The Enlightened is the reputation for Zereth Mortis that in the newest PTR build gives access to both new Crafter’s marks recipes. You get CM4 at Honored and Crafter’s mark of the First ones at revered.

Earning reputation

The full story on how to maximize reputation gains is not out yet, but the main ways to get reputaiton seems to be dailies and world quests in Zereth Mortis, alongside a new weekly quest, similar to the one we got in Korthia. I’m assuming this will be on a similar time table to how rep gains were in 9.1, which means you would be able to unlock the recipes after about 2 weeks of consistent effort.

The contract

At Friendly scribes can learn to craft a Contract for the Enlightened, which gives extra rep whenever you finish a world quest in Shadowlands. This one will likely be very popular, as many goldmakers will be grinding hard. Exalted with The Enlightened will also give you access to an infinite Augment rune, making it quite valuable for any pve players.

You can likely make some good money with this recipe, similar to how contracts sold really well in 8.3 in BfA.

Prepare your characters

You will want to prepare your crafters to be as efficient as possible when running the dailies and world quests. Gearing the crafters you plan to use will help you save time when questing down the road, and can be a valuable use of your time right now.

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