Easy entry level goldmaking: PvP gear!

Early gearing is one of my favorite niches and there is a great niche in Dragonflight in the form of crafted PvP gear!

The basics

These items scale up to a given item level in PvP. The good thing about this is that quality does not matter at all. On top of that all of the recipes are tradeable on the auction house. I’ve only gotten two recipes so far, but the results are already coming through.

Recipe prices

The recipes are currently all very expensive as we are just barely past launch. This will slow down quickly, as with more players having the recipes the profit margins will be going down very quickly. At the beginning of the expansion I managed to sell a couple of pieces for 40 000 gold profit, but prices have now settled. The jewelcrafting items are selling really fast, for between 1000 and 3000 gold profit, making it well worth the time.

Crafting basics

Since we don’t actually need quality at all we can use the cheapest materials possible. Most of the recipes rely on intermediate materials that are also crafted and sourced from PvP. Due to the region wide AH however, the price is low enough that buying the materials outright is absolutely not a problem.

Long term prospects?

I expect this market to be decent long term. We definitely will not see the current fairly degenerate current profits, but I still expect this to be profitable for quite a while, especially when more players hit 70 and level their alts and prices on the items go down a bit.

TSM settings

Right now I suggest using hardcoded gold prices for your operations. Post one of each item, and keep them up. You can consider using missives if you have the ability to do that unlocked, then you want to guarantee versatility as it is the most popular PvP stat. The TSM setup includes my current pricing, but make sure you change the minimum price to something that makes sense for you!

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