Goldmaking alts have huge potential!

So Dragonflight is out, and I realized something right away. Alts are strong!

Knowledge is capped

The main reason why a lot of alts can be extremely valuable right now is due to the limitations in the knowledge system. It’s very easy to get a lot of first craft bonuses from knowledge, which will get you to 25-30 depending on the profession. Past that you will have to put in a lot more effort. That means that any market you can reasonably address right now with 25-30 knowledge you can be fully competitive within minutes on an alt!

Alt unlocks

I haven’t even reached 70 yet, and I know that once you do a lot of the max level profession progression systems will be available for your alts as well. You can get a good amount of knowledge, and there are a lot of potential profession builds that do not require too much knowlege to keep relatively competitive.

I utilized them at launch

So far on day 1 my highest character is level 63. I’ve got a lot of professions at 50 skill, and I’ve already started making gold. There are multiple small niches right now, including profession gear as well as intermediate materials for the first craft xp bonus dash that most players are engaging in. On top of that gear has started selling.

What do you choose?

Knowledge can’t be respecced and putting points wrong right now is terrible for your long term potential. This is another huge advantage of multiple alts, as you can just push points into one of the builds on an alt to make gold right now, and not worry too much about the future. An obvious example is the 30 points required to unlock the BoP blacksmithing hammer profession tool. Perhaps not what you want to do on your main crafter, but perfect on an alt to address early demand.

Daily cooldowns

There’s also a good number of daily cooldown builds. Jewelcrafters can set up crafts of gem hoards that upgrade your gems, and other classes have equally strong options.

2 thoughts on “Goldmaking alts have huge potential!

  1. I think that in this post you’ve realised that the limitations in Dragonflight are harder than expected. The next big recognition will be that the fact craft order can be limited to guild results high end players will get their gear from their guild instead of public market to keep the profit inside of their guild, so the goldmaking possibiliteis in Dragonflight seems very limited to me 🙁

    1. I think most players care more about getting their stuff now. We saw an incredible trade chat market for Elemental lariat, but yeah the market for anything that is accessoble is much harder to find

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