EU Token Giveaway and market analysis!

So I just hit 110 on my Zero To One Million Challenge. I have about 50 000 gold and some very important decisions to make. I think the position I am in lends itself well to activating you guys a bit.

A very common question on r/woweconomy is : “Which profession should I choose?”. I will need to make that exact choice on my challenge. Obviously I will go into crafting as soon as possible as I am not a farmer.

Analyzing Twilight’s Hammer

My character is on Twilight’s Hammer EU. I will be taking a deep look at the market for the realm this week to help me make the most effective choice in professions. I think this is a great opportunity to help you guys test yourselves. I will be posting my analysis of the market on Thursday.

The Giveaway!

Your homework is simple, take a look at Twilight’s hammer EU using my spreadsheet,, or any other resource you have. Then make a comment below and write out which professions you would choose in my situation and why. I will be giving away an EU Token to one of the people that make a post with two professions and a small paragraph (minimum one sentence each) for each profession explaining your choice. I will draw the winner and announce it when I post my own analysis on Thursday, so make sure you get them in before 19:00 CEST on Thursday.

Good luck!

5 thoughts on “EU Token Giveaway and market analysis!

  1. In your situation I would choose as follows:
    Leatherworking and Tailoring seems to have just a too low marge.
    The glyph market is highly competitive and also darkmoon trinkets are many on the market – so i would not choose Inscription.
    The ore prices seems to be quite low and furthermore falling. Therefore the jewels are much too cheap and do not bring enough profit.
    Engineering is not worthwhile on a main character imho.

    Blacksmithing, Enchanting and Alchemy are still left.
    Enchanting and Alchemy both produces consumables but both seems to have low margins. Blacksmithing seems to have very high margins (low ore price) on your realm but you craft non-consumables that may not sell very often.

    I would pick Blacksmithing and Alchemy.
    It would be great to disenchant and shuffle some blacksmithing items but if I where you I would hope to find some farmers sending me the herbs cheap.

    1. Nice analysis! I wont reveal my thoughts yet oviously, but this was way more in depth than I expected! Well done!

  2. I would choose Enchanting and LW.
    The prices of materials for leatherworking are really low , I guess there are a lot of farmers out there, and the enchanting mats are almost 2-3x more expensive. I think it would be worth to disenchant the crafted rare items. You can sell them in AH or also the enchants too. You can make some old transmog item also…

    Honestly I am not a good gold maker, my interest in making gold has just started recently and I would thank you all these articles and effort you made for us! You are really helpful! 🙂

  3. Hello and lemme welcome u to my little analysis which is basically one of my first analysis on ah (i just used to sell what i can before).
    On first glance on ah history in generall I would say Enchanting is one of the most profitable professions bc it allows u to play with the “rightnow” auction (I mean u will always sell what u’ve crafted whithin the time posted if u post with normal price and no ah drop occures ofc). I personally am not a hardcore goldfarmer but Enchanting has always provided me with enougth g for go. I believe this situation is present now.
    As i can see, choosing this profession in Legion now u will earn gold selling the following stuff:
    – reagents Chaos Crystal or Leylight Shard (wich would not recommend and u will understand why following my novel);
    – enchants.
    With the specifics of Legion profeccions the recipies with Rank 2 are obtained quite easily, for Rank 3 some work is still required. Most popular enchants are made with Chaos Crystal, Leylight Shard and Blood of Sargeras. All three are easily obtained with desenchanting. I would like U to have a look at my solutions on obtaining those.
    [All following calculations relate to deep ah analysis on EU Twilight’s Hammer with the help of ah relater sites].
    1) Inspecting all the crafting professions I realised that the most profitable recipe is Lethercrafting Warhide Bindings. U get the first two ranks following the Lethercrafting questline and get the Rank 3 simply killing Shade of Xavius in Darkheart Thicket. With that u can craft Warhide Bindings for x9 Stonehide Lether which is plenty on ur server ah and goes for smooth 7-8 g per one. This makes it basicalle the ONLY recipe in game from which u can obtain Leylight Shard (75-80 g on TWAH). Besides with 5% chance desinchanting that u will obtain Chaos Crystal. Theres also a chance of Blood of Sargeras as for any desenchantig operation. Therefore u ar easily provided with all three reagents with just one recipe.
    For “mining” more Chaos Crystals I recommend Dreadleather Footpads (Rabk 3 obtained with Dreamweavers Exalted) or Dreadleather Shoulderguard (Rabk 3 obtained with one Rated Battleground Win).
    Also dont forget to use the shoulder chant for more reagents while u are surfing the World.
    Other usefull Lethercrafted stuff u can always sell: bags, drums and Essences.
    Besides with Lethercrafting u can also join the Slow AH for selling awesome transmog items.
    2) Investigating other professions I’d also have a look at Jewelcrafting but mostly for shuffling. The Gems are sold with pretty good prices and the reagents are easilly shuffled. For obtaining reagents u could use the shoulder chant, do the dayly quest for different gems or prospected ores (not really profitable with basic ore prices).
    U can do the trick with desenchanting for Chaos Crystal, Leylight Shard and Blood of Sargeras with Skystone Loop Rank 3 (Pretty easilly obtained, not the price of crafting is 5-10g above the price of Leylight Shard itself).
    In my opinion this profession is one of the easiest for shuffling AH there for profitable.
    Also there are real rummors for patch 7.3 incoming new gems which will cost serious prices with the start of the patch (as always tho). I would concider that.
    3) I also thought of Blacksmithing bc ur character is a “plate” one. But.. Not really profitable together with Enchanting (desinchanting Leylight Shard is about – 25 to -50g, Chaos Crystal about -200 g).

    Summing up I recommend the next decision:
    №1. Lethercrafting + Enchanting
    + Easy for the beginning
    – (For me) The most income is from Enchanting
    №2. If u have found a partner for mass ore deals – Jewelcrafting + Enchanting
    + U are always in the everyday market with both professions
    + With the start of every patch U will easilly boost ur gold
    – Requires more input gold or good deal partner for mass buyouts

  4. You should choose Enchanting/Alchemy

    For enchanting.
    The cost of mats are relative low , the price of obliterum and enchants are high. Also the ToS is relative new so it wont be a shortage of people who will keep buying either of them in order to get gear/upgrade their gear. Both ways have a good profit so you can sell few enchants and obliterum together in order to not over-flood the AH.


    Same for enchanting but it wont too good for obliterum since the price for seeds are high and the profit/time spent it won’t worth. But there will always be people who need them especially since the raid is out.

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