Expanding to new realms to double your gold potential

One of the better ways to expand your goldmaking empire is to get going on a second realm. This allows you to pick up more cheap deals and get access to more customers, both of which provide significant goldmaking boosts.

Picking a realm

What realm you want to start on depends primarily on what type of markets you want to be active in. In general higher population realms will have higher potential sales volumes, but also more comptition. Obviously for anything sold on the region wide AH it is completely irrelevant as every realm is the same for those items.

Historically lower population realms have had higher prices for many cosmetic items, as there may not be proper competition on the supply side. If there’s only 1 or 2 sellers then the price will be much higher than on a realm with 10 or even 100 potential sellers.

Moving gold around

The main thing to overcome is to move gold across. Obviously with 10.1.5 cross realm trading is now open. So anyone with two accounts can do it trivially. The easiest alternative is to get a friend to help you transfer over the gold.

My realm: Battle pet flipping

I wanted to add another battle pet flipping realm which means I am primarily looking for a lower population real,ms where these prices are higher. I also tend to pick RP realms, I’ve not done any deep price analysis, but the logic is that RP players will on average care a little bit more about cosmetics than playuers with zero interest in RP.

I picked Die Aldor

I picked the German realm Die Aldor. The main reason it was this realm specifically was that I already had a level 1 character here, as I was active for a little bit on this realm around launch when I helped Gingi try to win the race to level 70. That it was then also a realm that fit my criteria made it an extremely obvious choice.

Results so far

I’ve posted my battle pets here for 2 weeks, and so far I’ve only sold one, but that’s not super rare for battle pets, and I also only have 50 pets on the AH here. I’ll be working up to about 100 pets, which is typically what I keep on the AH on each of my flipping realms, and then we’ll see how quickly the number creeps upwards.

If you want to get into max level professions then you would obviously need to level up to 70 to get going. Since I’m just flipping I just leveled to 10 so I can stick my long boi on top of a mailbox.

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