Let’s make some gold with alchemy in classic hardcore!

Getting into crafting professions is obviously a significant goal for my kind of goldmaking, so let’s look at how you can get started with alchemy in the early levels.

Leveling costs

Leveling alchemy will cost you gold or at least silver using most recipes. i think the main guide on wow-professions is suboptimal, mostly because the healing potions are effectively vendor trash as they drop abundantly enough from mobs and chests.

When I leveled the Elixir of minor defense showed a profit and I did manage to craft them for a profit.

The level break points

There are level break points for professions to reach a new max skill level. You also usually need to travel to a specific trainer to get to the highest level of skill, which is quite dangerous on a lowbie. at level 10 you can get journeyman to reach 150, then at 20 you get access to expert up to 225 before finally level 35 allows you to go all the way to 300.

This makes level 20 a particularly attractive break point for 225 as it is relatively fast to level to 20.

Consumable guides

Generally speaking both defensive and offensive consumables should be popular. Killing mobs faster, taking less damage or regenerating health or mana more quickly will all help you safely level, so all of these categories of items should have demand.

The following

Non-trainer recipes worth looking for include Elixir of Fortitude (which was a staple for me in classic as well), Swiftness Potion, Mighty Troll’s Blood Potion, Limited Invulnerability potion and Invisibility Potion. The Free Action potion is also an absolute staple of classic WoW that is incredibly strong in most aspects of the game, although not too profitable yet.

Once you hit skill 150 some of the recipes that remain useful up to max level are available and you can likely make a good chunk even with just a level 20 alchemist.

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