Get these Leatherworking recipes for GUARANTEED profit! Leatherworking SoD Gold Guide

I have been working my way through the various gear options from professions, and today we look at leatherworking.

Not that many recipes

Surprisingly leatherworking does not have that many good recipes. On the other sign of the coin, there are a TON of classes wearing leather, so even with a low amount of recipes, you have a lot of potential customers. The one advantage is that on top of the gearing options, you do have an enchant, in the Heavy Armor Kits. These are useful for tanks, and can sell for a bit of profit.

The recipes

There’s only really three recipes for agi classes that are relevant. For casters the tailoring options are better, but the Agi classes are quite popular. The ones we want to sell are the ones listed below. As we can see they are all easy to get off the AH or trainers, which means competition is generally pretty high. 

Restocking notes

Be careful with the Deviate scale belt. Perfect deviate scales can vary quite a bit in price, so you want to make sure you grab them when they are cheap. Outside of that the recipes use common materials, so the price variation is not that large.

Heavy Armor Kits

Heavy armor kits are decent as well. The profit varies a lot, and getting cheap heavy leather is key. Usually it will be cheaper to buy medium leather and crafting the heavy leather, but you may have to do your own math to make sure you are making a profit at current prices. The math is simple, it’s 5 heavy or 25 medium leather to craft one.

Restock 1 and keep them going

Start with restocking 1 of each, and scale up. If you know a recipe sells quickly going up to 3 or 5 at the time will save you time as doing larger restocking sessions is more time efficient. Grab the TSM settings below and you can get going right away!


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