Getting correct crafting prices in TSM in Dragonflight is actually pretty easy!

I covered a while ago how you can use tradeskillmaster with hardcoded gold prices to set up operations. Since then I’ve figured out how we can use the crafting price source in some cases, so let’s take a look.

Crafting basics

Crafting is a price source that represents the crafting cost of an item. TSM takes the quantities and prices for materials, which it reads from your profession window and calculates the total cost. This is generally very useful as you can then set the minimum price to 120% crafting and ensure you get a profit. In dragonflight we have multicraft, inspiration and resourcefulness which further changes the cost, and TSM does not support those yet.

Multicraft and resourcefulness are easier

Multicraft and resourcefulness are much easier to handle, as you can calculate the average number of extra items and the average percentage of saved materials which is equal to the average percentage of saved gold, and then you divide the average material cost by the average amount of items you get. This will give you a number that represents the percentage of the TSM crafting cost that is you actual crafting  cost. Then you add 20% for profit and you are good to go.

Obviously need a tool to get this done

Some of you may not have followed the last paragraph, so I’ll just link the spreadsheet. Add your multicraft %, resourcefulness % as well as filling in if you have taken any nodes that give more items crafted or materials saved. Then it will spit out what the minimum price should be in an auctioning operations.

Where is this good

Some items where this makes sense includes rare gems if you can guarantee q3, buff food, fauna runes or any other item you can sell on the AH and can guarantee the maximum quality, so only resourcefullness and multicraft impact your profit.

Inspiration is harder

Inspiration is harder to cover, since you need to know the price of quality 2 items as well. Essentially you would need to make one operation for every item you wan to do this with where you refer to the market value of the q2 variant. I don’t think the effort is worth it, so for inspiration items I stick to hardcoded gold prices.

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