This is how I use TSM to post auctions in Dragonflight!

Dragonflight has put us in an interesting position where Tradeskillmaster still does not support a lot of the features of Dragonflight too well, but it’s still an absolute necessity for any sort of serious goldmaking on the region wide AH.

The crafting price source doesnt work

THe crafting price source is the bread and butter price source I use for crafted items in Dragonflight. Sadly TSM does not support the new crafting stats in the crafting source, which means it does not work. RIght now it uses the last seen material combination, but overall the TSM UI feels clunky to me so I barely use it.

Hardcoded gold baby

Keep it simple! We are now back to how I used to make auctioning operations back in the first days of installing TSM. In stead of mucking about with formulas, we will simply use hardcoded gold values for all the prices. This means you set the minimum, normal and maximum prices to a specific gold value. THe advantage is of course that you have complete control, the disadvantage is that it takes a lot more effort to set up, and if prices change you will have to change your operations.

How should you do it?

I set this up for a lot of different items last night. GO into the TSM group view, and make some groups. You will want to group items with similar prices and similar post quantities together. I simply hovered over the items, looked at the market value and set an operation in that area. RIght now I have operations with minimum prices ranging from 20 gold all the way up to 20 000 gold. You may need to have a lot of 1 item groups, which is where the setup time really comes in.

Setting the minimum price

Generally speaking you want to make sure your minimum price gives you 15-20% profit. I just look at the output from craftsim. E.g. if a gem is selling for 1300 gold and CraftSIm is telling me my average profit is 300, then selling them for 1200 gold minimum works out. I don’t bopther making roups and operations for every single item, instead I group them together. There’s a small risk to this as I might follow certain undercuts down lower than necessary, but it makes it easier to work with.

The normal and maximum prices can be set to 2 times and 10 times your minimum price respectively, but they will very rarely matter.

Don’t cover everything

Stick with just the groups you need for the most profitable items you focus on. Start with the list of minimum prices below, and then add more as you see the need for it for specific items. Depending on the items in question quantity posted can be anywhere from 1 to 50. Going above that is unlikely to be worth it as the region wide AH is super competitive.

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