Goblin Mindset: Abundance mindset

There are two fairly common modes of thinking about the world that have to do with how easy it is attain resources. Scarcity versus abundance. A scarcity mindset will contribute to limiting yourself and should be avoided, especially in world of warcraft goldmaking.

Characteristics of Scarcity Mindset

A scarcity mindset will have the basic belief that gold is hard to come by. That competition is too high or that if you start focusing on gold making the pie gets smaller.

This might not be strictly speaking false, but believing in this will contribute to making setbacks more demoralizing. The other main issue of a scarcity mindset is that it focuses on the limitations and hurdles you face.

Characteristics of Abundance mindset

An abundance mindset will on the other hand focus on the possibilities. Some beliefs that will characterize this include the belief that more goldmaking is better for everyone. That gold is easy to obtain if you just help people.

Obviously I have an abundance mindset. I even share freely available my methods, down to the tiniest detail of my TSM settings.

The advantage of an abundance mindset

There is one really important advantage of having an abundance mindset. The focus on possibilities. Focusing on the opportunities and what you can do is so much better than focusing on limitiations. If you keep thinking about possibilities then you will get ideas you can test out.

You will naturally be drawn to experimentation with new markets and improve your auction house setup.

Shifting to an abundance mindset

To shift towards a more abundant mindset you should draw your mental focus inward. Focus on what you are doing and what you can improve.

Avoid thinking about anything in terms of the limitations. The opportunities to make gold are literally endless. There are still hundreds of things I haven’t even tried in terms of goldmaking. WoW has thousands of items and thousands of mobs and you can combine these things in more ways than I can ever cover.

“I Can”

Don’t fall in the trap of believing you can’t do something.

Believe in yourself. You can always improve, and you can always get back to where you are now.

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