Getting started as a goldmaker in BfA part two

Someone asked me in the comments whether I was planning to turn my post “Getting started as a goldmaker in BfA” into a regular series. Even though I initially wrote it as a one off I realized it was a pretty good idea to write a follow-up.

So let’s look at what my advice for next steps would be based on my experience with the various BfA markets.

Summarizing the first steps

The basic steps I outlined in my previous post are fairly simple. Start with what you have. Focus on fast selling markets. Gradually add markets.

I suggested starting with material flipping as well as this is by far the best intro to pure auction house based gold making. Overall this approach should get you to the 200k gold range, which was where I let off in the last post.

Focus areas from 200k to 1 million

So let’s look at the main focus areas for the journey from 200k to 1 million gold.

At this point you should already be comfortable with and familiar with the main basic gold making methods. Now you need to focus on scaling your operation up, assuming you want to get to the point where you can afford tokens.

There are two areas we will be scaling. Our inventory and your raw profits. You want bigger mailboxes and you want higher auction house value. To achieve these we will have to dip into some slower moving markets, but we will stay away from the slowest ones like battle pets and transmog.

The focus is still mostly on items that are useful at max level.

You want to break into higher capital requirement markets to move more gold more efficiently.

Building inventory (200k-500k)

It’s now time to start maxing out all of the markets you are already in. This means crafting large stacks of finished goods. I suggest doing 20 of each profitable enchant and 100+ flasks for instance. Gems in as large stacks as you can get.

The focus is to get to where you will do less frequent but larger crafting cycles. You should be buying materials for your crafting as long as they are below 100% dbmarket. I prefer buying loads of materials and crafting with them when I need to.

Building a stockpile will cost some gold in the short term, but long term you free up your time as you do not have to micromanage purchases and crafting. Just go craft back up to 20 enchants once every 14 days and buy materials consistently.

If possible you should also add all the professions at max level to your alts.

Inscription with the darkmoon decks is a great market to add here assuming it still makes sense on your realm (just check my spreadsheet before you invest all your gold into pigments).

High ticket price markets (500k-1 million)

In the next phase you will focus on adding high value markets. You should now have great sales from all the regular BfA markets, and you can now start entering some slower and expensive old world markets.

The only old world markets that are fast enough are the expensive mounts. Panthers, Vial of the Sands and the engineering mounts are all good ideas. A full set of panthers will likely set you back at least 100k by itself.

The idea is to enter markets with higher raw profits. 20k+ profit from an engineering rocket is not unusual, and this will beat most other items. Sale rates for mounts are generally much higher than for transmog as they are equally useful for all players.

If you don’t mind taking risks you can also think about starting BoE flipping at this point.

Anything goes (1 million – gold cap)

At this point you should be looking at refining whatever took you to 1 million. You can now dive into anything you want for the most part. From here on out you will have to experiment and find your own way to maximize your gold.

Try to test out whatever you think is most fun. If you made it to 1 million gold cap will generally just be a question of time spent applying the same principles.

Make mistakes trying risky things if you enjoy that or just keep doing what you’re doing. My personal preference at this point is to start phasing out low value markets. On my gold cap challenge realm I focused on sinister combatant gear, enchanting, darkmoon decks and BoE flipping. These were by far the highest value markets for me for the first 6 months of BfA.

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3 thoughts on “Getting started as a goldmaker in BfA part two

  1. Does the Sinister Combatant Gear stille sale? when they change so you get 370gear from mytich? and 355 from hc dungeons?

    1. Honorable combatant gear sold really well even when mythic gear was better so I expect the same for the sinister combatant gear.

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