Goblin Mindset: Buy low, sell normal

Flipping is perhaps the best gold making method in WoW. It can be risky. You want to make sure you don’t end up losing gold on a flip. Luckily, there are ways to frame flipping to help keep you away from the biggest errors you can make. 

Buying too expensively, the classic error

The typical error people make with flipping is if you end up buying the items you want to flip for too high a price. Of course the price of the item will always be changing, and it can change against you. It is however more common to get screwed because you paid too high a price. 

This can often happen when players get greedy. You may have had success flipping the item and suddenly one day the AH is very thin and you decide to do a full reset, buying items above your usual max.

The main goal is to avoid buying items too expensively, so we want to approach flipping mentally in a way that minimizes the chance you do so. 

While resets can work, the risks are usually not worth it

Resetting market can work really well, if you know what you are doing. For most items however resetting will not work too well, and certainly not for long. I generally suggest staying away from doing full resets, and in stead focus on what I call normal flipping.

Normal flipping is a sort of reset, where you just reset up to your own maximum shopping price. Then you let someone else buy the auctions between your maximum shopping price and your minimum auctioning price. As long as demand is high enough or there’s no competition this will usually works. 

Buy low, sell normal

This method of flipping was described extremely well by one of the old school gold bloggers. I think it was just my two copper, but I could be wrong. 

Buy low, sell normal. 

That’s the approach. We buy when prices are below normal, and then we try to repost at the normal price. This reduces the risks as much as possible and lets us approach flipping from an easy direction. 

You make your gold when you buy

You always make your gold by finding good deals. Be disciplined and stick to the maximum price you’ve defined in your settings. Don’t get tempted to buy everything, even if there’s little on the AH and a reset looks extremely tempting. 

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