Goblin Mindset: Consistency is the key to riches

The single most important concept to apply if you want to get rich in WoW is to be consistent.

Making gold is at it’s most basic trivially easy. You can just go out into the world, kill mobs and sell the loot. If you do this long enough you will eventually hit gold cap. This does not require any sort of skill outside of a high tolerance for repetitive tasks.


The two pillars of gold making

Being a good gold maker essentially relies on two things:

  1. Continually testing out new potential gold making methods
  2. Applying the ones that work consistently

I have tested out a ton of markets since Legion launched and I have documented pretty much all my forays on the blog. My posts generally deal with #2. I give you the tools and knowledge to apply gold making methods that I have tested and used.

To truly be successful you need to be consistent in both areas. I am certain that if I lost all my gold and a new expansion rolled around tomorrow I could easily make it back regardless of how the game changes. I want to instill that same sense of confidence in you!


Consistency in experimentation

My Legion TSM groups, I dabble in a lot of professions

I generally find new ideas for gold making from two “sources”. Either from other people through blogs, podcasts, reddit or forums, or from my own theories on where the WoW economy is inefficient. Obviously these two are related. Knowing what others are doing will inspire new ideas and also show you which markets are likely to be overcrowded.

You have obviously taken the first step in learning from others as you are on my blog. Some of my personal favorite gold makers include Shinn (twitch, blog), The Goblin Goldcast, WTBGold and Grahran. There are a ton of other sources as well, the woweconomy subreddit has a lot of knowledgeable people ready to share their knowledge and answer questions.

For coming up with your own theories you need to figure out how you can help other players achieve their in-game goals. A good start is obviously whatever items you personally buy. Figure out the cheapest way to acquire them and you can usually sell them for a profit.

Consistency in execution

Execution of most gold making methods is fairly simple. Obviously mass-posting using TSM takes some knowledge to set up, but you can quite easily get finished setups from myself or other content-creators (you can find all of mine in my pastebin).

The real trick is to stick with the methods. I have touched on this in other posts on goblin mindset. Your biggest competitive advantage is in whatever gameplay activity you enjoy more than the average wow-player. I love crafting so I have a huge advantage using crafting methods as I do not get easily bored from crafting. I have also covered why I think it is more efficient, but my primary advantage is enjoying it.

My TSM summary, we see that the last 90 days and last 14 have roughly the same average. My sales are amazingly consistent!

Motivation is obviously not the only part in consistency. You need to devote enough of your playtime to gold making to actually make a difference. This does not have to be too much once you have the initial setup going though. Usually you can also increase your gold making by increasing your time spent. You can always increase your potential stock by getting all rank 3 recipes, having enough bloods to stock everything etc. The time spent will hit diminishing returns and you can certainly get quite rich even with low play time.

I do not play that much somewhere between 1-3 hours on a given day, and my average is probably close to 1 a day now. It is way more important to keep the grind up week after week.

Putting the grind together

Your gold making can easily be described as the amount you make per day times the number of days you put in. My first pillar is primarily tuned to increasing the amount you make on a given day. If you have a wider variety of items on the AH a wider variety of items will sell, and you will have more sales per day. Consistency of execution is about putting in the required days.

All of this is pretty simple, but sticking with it might not be easy. Make sure you check in with why you are making gold. For me, I just enjoy the economic aspect so much that I prefer focusing on it over other gameplay activities. If you are doing it for some specific goal or on the side make sure you keep your enjoyment of the game up. Otherwise there’s not really any point in making gold.

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