Zero to One Million Status Update #9

Here I am with the ninth update in my zero to one Million gold Challenge. You can find the original post here and my earlier updates here. Things are moving along very nicely as we will see. My success with herb flipping has been constant and I have sold a string of other stuff as well.

The Rules

  • Fresh server (Twilight’s Hammer EU)
  • No transfered battlepets
  • No transfered gold
  • One account only
  • Get to One Million Gold


  • /played since last update: 5 hours
  • /played total: 1 day 1 hour
  • Level: 65
  • Total gold: 9455 gold
  • Total AH value: 47 714 gold
  • Total gold Acquired: 36 735 gold
  • Total gold spent: 24 294 Gold

What did I do?

I have primarily been leveling my way through Outland this week. I did some circuits in Hellfire Peninsula for Fel Iron, but I think I’ll save farming ore until I get the faster flying mounts. Outside of leveling I have been posting all of my stock to the auction House. Primarily random greens that I have gotten through leveling. I have also been flipping herbs whenever I can.

I made a huge purchase of Aethril today so my liquid gold went down from about 15k, but outside of that the herbs buying has been slow, sales have been great though. I have resold some Foxflower this week, but nothing else.

TSM sales

I have sold a lot of red linen shirt this week. At about a 5 gold crafting cost they margin is still ridiculous. Outside of that I sold a golden draenite (BC uncommon gem) for 950 gold which is absurd. I will never understand WoW markets. Some smaller transmog sales and an Arcane Crystal from mining make up the smaller sales. The largest sales are obviously herb flipping. I sold Foxflower for 7300 and Fjarnskaggle for about 2000 gold. Hopefully I can unload the Aethril I picked up today at a decent price point as well.

I have them posted at a very high mark-up so let’s ope they sell at that price. Alternatively I’ll cut it to about a 3 gold profit per herb, which is still great.


My inventory value has gone up quite a bit since last week. 20 000 gold in fact! We see that I am sitting on a large number of Aethril, and some decent greens that can be used for transmog. I have also gotten quite a few darkmoon turn-in items to drop from dungeons and I am debating whether I prefer selling them or saving them for the next fair to get a piece of replica armor. I will have to think about it and see what I do.

Follow the challenge!

Follow me on twitter and twitch to keep up to date with my challenge. I promise I will actually be streaming it this week. My pitiful progress is starting to feel quite shameful! Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to try out or if you have any questions.

I will continue work on the format of my status posts going forward as I find a good level of detail versus effort. Please let me know if you feel like I missed something or want to have more or less details from the updates.

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