Goblin Mindset: Keep it simple

This post will partly be about TSM and partly goldmaking philosophy. I generally like to keep things as simple as humanly possible. It saves me a lot of work and a lot of mental effort. 

Effort is tiring

Doing something hard requires you to put in a mental effort. So I try to minimize the amount of mental effort I need to put into my goldmaking. I try to just frontload all my thinking when I make my operations for TSM, so that I don’t have to do it on a daily basis. Then I can just review my settings every once in a while to make sure they are on point. 

This is of course the main benefit of TSM and it frees me up to think about stuff when I run shopping scans for the most part. 

Simple lets you execute

If you make your setup simple and efficient you can more efficently execute your goldmaking plans. It allows you to just scroll to buy and scroll to post (by using the built in mouse wheel macro for TSM). This is of course a huge advantage as it saves you a lot of time. 

How can you do this?

Ways to do this in TSM includes hiding auctions above your maximum price in your shopping operations, using the same operation for similar markets and other ways to help you spend less time on stuff that doesn’t move the needle. 

Hiding auctions above your maximum price will let you brainlessly buy every auction that is returned by your search, rather than sifting through it to find deals. I do this for battle pets for instance. My material flipping setup on the other hand shows auctions as I like to double check that there isn’t too much volume. My BoE flipping setup is even more effortful, but the payoff is so big it’s worth it. I still use a very simple pricing scheme based on region market average. This means I can just compare the percentage in the % column on the shopping scan screen and the numbers shwon by my weak aura. 

20% profit margin on crafted goods

This is another extremely simple one. Every time I make a new group for crafted items I reuse my operation. It has essentially been unchanged since Legion. 20% minimum profit margin has proven itself to me to almost always work. So I have 3 different operations for posting 1 item at a minimum price of 120%crafting, one for each duration. And I just reuse these over and over and over. 

Time is money

Time is money so you want to save as much time as you can. So always try to simplify your approach, the less effort you spend on the same set of activities, the more activities you can fit in! Over time you should always simplify your successful market approaches in well designed TSM settings, then you can start experimenting in a new market. Most markets require some tinkering to get right after all.

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2 thoughts on “Goblin Mindset: Keep it simple

  1. Can you can you show which setting hides shopping results above your maximum percentage? I believe I have it checked, but my results still show all results if that makes sense.

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