Goblin Mindset: No time like the present

Right now we are all in the waiting room for BfA together. Some people will likely take a break for the last 2 months. I’ve seen the sentiment around that players are waiting for BfA before getting into goldmaking. If you really want to get rich you will not be doing that.

The basics of gold making

I covered the basics of gold making in my How to make gold post. The principles of providing value through cosmetic items or power increases are timeless and do not rely on any one expansion.

While markets will be different in different expansions you will always be doing the same basic activities to make gold.

The reason for waiting

Some reasons that have been bandied about for why you would wait for BfA before getting into gold making include:

“Markets are slow at the moment”

“No point in learning Legion markets as they will change”

I believe both of them are wrong and there are good arguments for getting started as soon as possible.

No time like the present

The first belief above is very limiting. You can always find ways to make gold in WoW. There are tons of profitable markets at the moment. I am still pulling in 100k+ mailboxes even in the waning time of Legion.

As in almost everything else in life it always better to start now. Procrastination will never make you better in the long run. Getting started now will in fact give you a lot of advantages that I will go into below.

More capital for BfA

This one should be fairly obvious. If you have more gold available for BfA you will be able to dive into high end flipping markets as soon as they materialize. These are typically the most profitable markets in the game!

Making gold now will be extremely valuable as we head into an expansion launch with extremely liquid markets. Things will never be as capital intensive as they are during an expansion launch.

Getting confident

The advantage of getting comfortable and skilled at gold making cannot be overstated. If you spend the time to learn gold making now you will be ready to go hard when opportunities present themselves in BfA. There will be massive opportunities that you can really take advantage off if you have the killer instinct.

So make some mistakes now, test out new stuff. If you can prove to yourself that you understand gold making you will be more willing to take risks in the early months of BfA which is when this will give you the best return you can possible get.

If you want to get pointed in the right direction head to my total legion gold guide as well as my post on how to make gold. Together these posts will give you a good basis for understanding gold making on a high level.


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