Goblin Mindset: Play time and gold making effectiveness

When I posted about the 30 days to a token challenge onr eddit I realized how much people’s playtime will factor into how they view goldmaking effectiveness. I got some comments about how I would be done in a week, which seemed wildly optimistic based on how much I new I was going to be playing. 

I am the measuring stick

People will generally use themselves as the measuring stick for mostly everything else. So when they hear 30 days, they will be thinking about 30 days with their available play time. This will seep through every public goldmaking discussion you will ever find (and probably most other discussions). Or they will look at sales and compare it to their total gold or their sales. 

This can make it very frustrating trying to take advice from someone who has vastly more of some resource available than you have. 

Who are you comparing with?

The danger is of course that you may be comparing yourselves with someone with a situation that is completely unavailable to you. Looking at my BoE sales numbers won’t help you at all if you have 200k gold, and may even just be demoralizing. Trying to get the same total gold from farming that someone who’s multiboxing for 2 hours a day on average can get when you can only play 30 minutes a day on average will be an exercise in futility. 

The context of any gold making method matters. 

Why I always focus on crafting and flipping

Crafting and flipping have lower time requirements, but higher capital ones. You can avoid the higher effort markets if your time is limited. BoE flipping is of course the ultimate market here, where I could make severel hundred thousand a week mostly based on about 2.5 hours average play time per week. (2 days of reposting and buying and 1 day of just reposting). Getting there took a lot of time of course, but that time was equally spread out as I only reposted once every 48 hours to get my starting capital using battle pets. 

Time is time

Ultimately though WoW is a game that scales with the time you spend on it. This is through for goldmaking and anything else. If I had double the amount of time available I could do double the realms and probably double my gold made. That being said you can get to the point where you can pay for two accounts on with tokens on less than 3 hours of game time per week, but it will take a while to build the amount of inventory needed to run an operation like this.

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