Goblin Mindset: Some examples of successful goldmaking niches

Today I thought I would talk about how some potential goldmaking operations work. With operations I mean larger empire style setups. Eventually you will have to tailor your approach to you, and it is helpful to look at how some rich players do it, as we do it very differently. 

Single realm Tycoon, old markets

This is essentially the Gumdrops way. He does every profession and almost every recipe he has. He posts auctions across a ton of characters, each one posting for it’s own professions. He does a decent amount of cancel scanning. To get here you want to focus heavily on crafting professions and recipe unlocking. This will by it’s nature mean a lot of transmog, and quite a bit of time spent crafting. He also focuses heavily on old expansion stuff, where rare recipes are king. 

Single realm tycoon, BfA Markets

This means focusing on BfA professions on a single realm. You want them all, and you want to craft as many items as possible. The expulsom shuffle will probably be the biggest limiting factor, as getting enough Expulsom will be a chore. This is very profitable, but will likely require a fair bit of cancel scanning to optimize your sales as competition is high. 

If you are doing this you will likely supplement with some flipping markets that make sense on a single realm, and even gradually add some of the higher value ones. This is essentially what I did during the gold cap challenge, particularly from BfA launch until I finished where I only did BfA markets on a single realm. 

Multi realm tycoon, Battle pets and BoEs

This is my approach right now, as you probably are aware. I make all my gold from multi realm flipping right now. I have 9 realms and I log in 3 times a week to collect auctions and repost them. I only do high value, low time investment markets to maximize my gold per hour. This is also what Aada did to reach some ridiculously impressive numbers during Legion. 


If you love farming you love farming. If you really want to take this seriously I think multiboxing is the way to go. It is wildly profitable and definitely the only way to scale this into filthy rich status (unless you have truly ludicrous amounts of time to spend on WoW. 

Your own niche

Obviously there are way more combinations of markets and realms than what I listed here. These are examples that have been proven to work by me or other content creators. They represent both inspiration and something you can aim for to maximize your own goldmaking. 

I hope you enjoyed them!

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