Goblin Mindset: The advantages of Newbie Mindset

Unless you continuously focus on learning you will not be able to find long term success in goldmaking, or in any endeavour. In this post I will elaborate on why having a newbie mentality is a tremendous asset in gold making.

Newbie versus Noob

In online gaming terms the difference between newbies and the more derogatory noobs has evolved over time. Newbies are typically described as players that are new to the game, but are humble ans willing to learn. On the other side noobs are new to the game and arrogant. They are essentially the Dunning-Kruger Effect personified.

Newbie Mindset

In the vein of my Goblin Mindset series I will define Newbie mindset.

  • A willingness to try new things, You know you don’t know everything
  • Willingness to listen to advice from others, you know others might know something you don’t
  • Not afraid of making mistakes, knows they are necessary for progress
  • A willingness to actively work to improve

It should be self-evident that having the qualities listed above will be a massive advantage in the long run. All of the things listed above ties into your willingness to work at continuously improving your operation as well as your willingness to actually try out new markets.

Experimentation and improvement matters

World of Warcraft will always be changing. New markets will emerge and old markets will die. If you are so set in your ways that you can’t adapt you will be left behind. Over time the advantages of always being willing to improve will compound.


It is much easier to stay motivated if you always focus on learning. Being curious and looking for new markets is fun. Finding something new and then executing on it is one of the best feelings in the game. Continuously improving your current approaches and watching your gold pile grow quicker than ever will also help a ton on your motivation.

Gold making is a marathon, so anything that keeps you motivated is a massive boon!

Don’t ever be afraid of being a beginner, it’s where we all started, and it’s the place where your improvement will be fastest!

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