Goblin Mindset: The ONE thing that matters

I recently read a blog post about distilling areas down the one factor that matters more than any other. I have been a proponent of the Pareto principle for a while, and I like to focus on the most efficient activities, but let’s see if we can take it a step further.

Simplification gives clarity

Obviously there are no areas where one factor is the only thing that matters. It’s a simplification, but one that can be useful. The point is to clarify for ourself and others what really matters. By homing in on just ONE thing we know what our #1 priority should be.

What is the most important factor in goldmaking?

In my opinion the number one most important thing is to post stuff for sale. Make sure your items are on the AH, and increase the number of items. More auctions equals more sales.

If you don’t post, you won’t get sales. Obviously there is some sophistication that goes into posting, you want to have a decent TSM setup, but it is better to post with a sub-optimal setup. As long as you do not lose gold at the price you post at you are good.

Utilizing it in decision making

Knowing is usually less than half the battle in cases like this. Execution is what matters. Luckily you can get away with extremely simple TSM setups that work well across an extremely wide variety of items.

As long as your minimum price guarantees a profit you are usually good to go and should most likely focus on posting. Posting never ends. Keep adding new markets and posting more auctions.

Not universally true

The rule here is of course not universally true. You will eventually reach a point where focusing on jut posting will not take you over the next hump. If you have maximized the number of markets you are in on a realm for instance. Cancel scans reach diminishing returns. If this applies to you though, then you are in the intermediate to advanced group of goldmakers and should be able to figure out ways forward and experiment your way through them.

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