Gold Cap Challenge: Update 14

The Lazy goldmaker here, Back with another Sunday status update! I set a new AH value record this week! We’re closing in on 5 million worth of auctions! We can also celebrate the return of the Blizzard AH API and accurate pricing data!

You can find the original post here and my earlier updates here.

The Rules

  • Same realm as Zero to One Million
  • No transfered battlepets
  • No transfered gold
  • Get to gold cap


  • A1: /played since last update: 0 hours
  • A1: /played total: 9 days 0 hours
  • A2: /played since last update: 2 hours
  • A2: /played total: 2 day 0 hours
  • Total gold account 1 (missions and quests): 394 190 gold
  • Total gold account 2 (AH character):  1 085 313 gold
  • Total AH value: 4 937 866 gold
  • Total gold Acquired: 8 614 901 gold
  • Total gold spent: 7 529 588 Gold

What did I do?

I spent a good bit of time restocking Antorus BoEs this week. I’ve been focusing on restocking as I feel that my inventory has been running quite low lately. I also crafted up some more jewelcrafting panthers and flasks.

With the return of the API I think my flask operations should start working well again. My minimum price has been too high for a while leading to very few sales.

I spent some time leveling my Nightborne Priest and as much time as I can keeping my two 110 characters busy running order hall missions. I made about 50k this week from those, so that’s pretty good.

My sales are a bit down this week, but I increased my AH value by 1.3 million so over all I am very happy with this week.

TSM sales

I sold both Antorus BoEs and 101 BoEs this week. We can see that the Antorus BoEs are clearly outperforming the 101s at the moment. I also sold a nice amount of flasks, enchants and various pieces of crafted gear.

If we look at the items in terms of quantity we can see that I did not sell too many items this week. In general quantities are low across the board. For some markets it ‘s been caused by my pricing settings, and for some I expect it’s my lack of stock. I’ve bought a ton of enchanting materials to get those stocked again. When it comes to flasks I am very well stocked in terms of herbs.

I am still moving some trillium, but not a lot of it this week. Prices on the ore are quite good. 91 gold implies a Spirit of Harmony value of about 450 gold.


I think this is the first time the top line is an Antorus BoE. I am fairly certain that the valuation in this view slightly undervalues my stock. We can see I am still rolling in herbs, flasks and BoEs. I managed to get some panthers back on the list this week after restocking as many as I could.

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