Which Legion markets will be relevant in Battle for Azeroth

Old expansion recipes can be major money makers. In the not too distant future Legion will go from being the current expansion to an old one. I written about a lot of ways to make gold from old expansion professions and I will be writing more on that topic in the future.

What kind of old expansion recipes are relevant?

As always we divide recipes and items into things that can give you a performance boost and things that give you some cosmetic effect. Generally speaking players are not particularly interested in buying old expansion stuff for power increases. A lot of people level using heirloom gear. Even if they don’t they still won’t be interested in the marginal gain from using relevant enchants.

Cosmetics however are great. Old expansion mount crafts are some of the most profitable recipes in the game. Crafted gear is also in demand for transmog reasons. Things like consumables, enchants, vantus runes and crafted gear with no transmog skin will not be valuable.

Which professions will have relevant recipes?

I’m going to go through the professions below one by one to look at what recipes are likely to remain relevant going forward. Keep in mind that we will expect demand to be very low for all Legion crafts for some time as people dump their stock. Once enough time has passed the value is likely to increase again.

Keep in mind that we are evaluating how well the Legion recipes will hold up in BfA, NOT how well the profession is likely to do in BfA. 

As an example you can check out the value of the Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s Chain Helm below. This was a crafted PvP item in Mists of Pandaria. You can see the value eventually quadrupled even though it is now only useful for transmog.


Legion alchemy will be mostly completely useless when Battle For Azeroth rolls around. There might be some very small residue demand for flasks and some of the novelty potions, but overall I expect demand to be really low for these recipes.


Blacksmithing is going to be the king among Legion professions. As with the crafted PvP gear from Mists I expect both Demonsteel and Leystone armour to retain some value as transmog pieces. In addition to this Blacksmithing has the fel hound mount. Old expansion crafted mounts have generally been winners and I expect the same here. If Blizzard does as usual and turn Blood of Sargeras into tradeable items I will be stocking up heavily on Bloods if they are made tradeable!

Blacksmithing also has access to some novelty items that might retain value such as the Felslate Anchor.


Legion enchanting will not retain any value. All of the recipes revolve around item enhancements that will not have any meaningful demand once Battle for Azeroth releases. The crafted pet might have some demand, and tomes of illusions will still sell.


I expect the Cranial cannons and skullblasters to retain value as transmog pieces. The model is pretty cool. Auto-hammers might still be useful, unless Blizzard changes them (which is quite likely). Overall I think it is going to be OK. I think the goggles will sell quite well as far as transmog goes.


For leatherworking I expect all the armor pieces to retain value as transmog. Eventually all the armour recipes are likely to be profitable. Leatherworking has access to 4 different armor sets which is great! That being said we expect the sale rate for this gear to be much lower than today.


Inscription has a mixed bag of recipes. I expect the Legion glyphs to remain relevant just as old expansion glyphs always have. The Darkmoon Decks, Tranquil mind tomes and Vantus runes are all going to crater in value and will never recover as they are not going to remain useful.  Stocking up on some cheap herbs in the final month of Legion to get cheap pigments will likely be worth it.


I think there will only be one Legion jewelcrafting recipe that retains any value. The Empyrial crowns will likely have some value as transmog. Everything else is tied to Legion power increases and will not have any meaningful demand once Battle for Azeroth rolls around.


Tailoring has several recipes that are likely to remain relevant. The crafted silkweave and Imbued silkweave armors will likely be in demand for transmog reasons. In addition I expect the silkweave satchel will still be in demand. It might not be too profitable depending on how material prices shake out and what Blizzard do with new bags in Battle for Azeroth though.

Overall verdict

Blacksmithing is the king. Mounts are by far the most useful old expansion recipes and I expect the fel hound to be the same. If you have any of the armor professions getting rank 3 recipes now will likely be worth it long term. Getting the recipes after BfA launches will be a lot mot annoying!


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5 thoughts on “Which Legion markets will be relevant in Battle for Azeroth

  1. Hidden Satyr is super useful on heirloom neck so it might maintain a little value and Enchanting/JC does have a reasonable amount of pets and toys so they won’t tank like alchemy.

    1. That’s a good point about hidden satyr. I’m aware of the pet/toy recipes, but I think they will be marginal at best. Sale rate is generally very low and there is no volume of items to take advantage of.

      1. Enchantments depend on if they have a new replacement or get an ilvl cap on them. Some of my biggest money makers (now, at the end of Legion) are the Gift enchants for cloaks. I sell several every day for massive profits.

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